Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life Lessons

Around here we are all about teachable moments with our children. Those little times when so much knowledge can be give to the precious open minds of the young. Here are a couple.

Last Friday the peanut and I were driving down the road and the song Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven by Kenney Chesney was on the radio. I thought what an opportune time to talk about seeing our Heavenly Father. Here's how it went...

Me... I like this song but I think if people really knew what heaven was like they would want to go right away.

Peanut... yeh, especially with the gold and mansions.

Me... that will be cool, but I was thinking more about there won't be any worries or pain. We will be so happy praising God.

Peanut.... is that all we are going to do?

Me... Y'know I have wondered about that too but I think we will all be so happy to be with Jesus praising Him won't be a chore.

Peanut.... I think we can praise Him by doing stuff in heaven.

Me... you're right we can praise God by doing well at our jobs. I wonder what they will be. I'm sure it will be something we love.

Peanut... I am going to take care of cats.

Me.... I think I will take care of dogs and play with the tigers and horses.

Yes, I know we are both over achievers. I think I got the most out of that 'teachable moment'. We did go on to talk about how our human minds can't understand how great heaven will be. Regardless, we will still both be in the animal section.

Another moment... again we were driving around in the van. It was just before the election and she asked who I was going to vote for. I said I was going to vote for McCain because he was most in line with my opinions. She told me she would vote for Obama because he is African American. And if he was in office then rest of the world would see that America really was equal for everyone. I started to tell her how wonderful that would be but we need to pick a president for what they stand for not their skin color or gender. Just as I was about to talk more, she said... yeh mom, but can you turn the radio up I love Taylor Swift.

That my friends is our future. Cat caregiver and Taylor Swift fan. Aren't you glad that I am taking advantage of these teachable moments?

Have a happy day.

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