Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My girl got a pony!..What we have been doing pt2

Well, not really. Where Peanut rides, they got a new pony and his name is Nico. The owner asked if Peanut could come out and ride to get Nico ready for lessons. So, she gets to ride Nico whenever we can get out there. What fun. It is really like having her own pony. He is a stubborn little fellow. Sometimes he will just stop. Other times he tries bucking. We call him Naughty Nico. But she loves him. Can you tell?

I will have to get a picture of her riding him. It is so cute because he is so little. Needless to say we are driving out to the barn every chance we get. It is a good motivator to finish homework.

Have a happy day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What we have been up to...Part 1

This is going to be a many part series, since I have slacked off for so long. But I want to get y'all caught up. Most recently, My man and I had our 13th wedding anniversary last week. Ahhhh, how sweet. We didn't do anything but enjoy a evening at home with the kids. A few days later we went to lunch at Red Robin just the two of us. I love their tower of onion rings. We have yet to give our gifts to each other. I want to dance with him and he wants to take a hike (with me). So, hopefully this weekend when my MiL has the kids we can do that. I'll keep you posted. But in the mean time. Here are a few Halloween pictures.

This is Peanut's pumpkin. She carved it herself. It is her puking pumpkin. Gross.

This is the Peanut (on the right) and her neighborhood friend.

Here is the Bobo. He was a Ninja.

I found both costumes at Rite Aid the day before for just about $7 bucks a piece. There is something to be said for waiting to the last minute.

More later
Have a happy day.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't call it a come back!...but it is.

I'm back. My sweet SIL emailed me and asked 'what's up with the blog?'. I have been running around so much I haven't had time... no that's not right. I haven't made time. Nonetheless... i'm back. This commercial makes me laugh. I remember LL Cool J video and he is so tough.

I don't know how to put videos on this thing yet. Please bear with me.

Have a happy day!