Monday, August 18, 2008

Things that keep me up at night

Well, we are finally back home. Oh, how sweet it is. Even though we had a wonderful time with all our family, there is nothing like your own bed. However, I did have some trouble getting to sleep a few nights. I was contemplating this blog. Is the name ok??? I was concerned about my Southern Baptists roots. Is it offensive to have 'bar' in the title? Will this be a poor reflection on my family? Can I still talk about what God may be working on in my life with the word bar in the title? You see, I think only So. Baptists can rival the Catholics with guilt. So, I thought should I make it Bri's Tiki Hut? Yeh, hut. A hut is not somewhere I want to hang out. It sounds like an out-house. It just doesn't have the same feel. I don't think cool breezes and listening to the surf in a hut. When I think of a tiki bar. I think of the times I have been at the beach completely relaxed, sitting around joking around and talking with my friends. That's the feel I'm going far relaxing good times shared with friends and family. I think those last three sentences were pretty much stated in the first post. Sorry. So, after laying awake for literally hours... I am going to stick with Bri's Tiki Bar. What do you think?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Opening Statement

Well, I'm on vacation in Mississippi visiting my brother and his family. And it is the only time I have had my man without something to do in a long while. So, I had him help set this up. Actually, I got stuck on the first question of how to sign my name. He took over from there. Yep, I'm that challenged.

Why did I start this blog??? Well, because I have a couple of friends with blogs and I can't be left out. Rindy is at Kitchen Klique and Robin is at The Big Red Kitchen. Their blogs are so cool. Awesome recipes. Don't expect that of me. I don't cook so well. Sometimes I might post a recipe but I don't invent them. I swipper (like the fox on Dora) them.

How did I get the name???? Well, yet again not on my own accord. I was just going to do Bri's Blog. Bri is a nickname I had growing up, short for SaBRIna. Genius, I know. But my amazing sis-in-law came up with Bri's Tiki Bar. Thanks Donna! And I thought why not. A tiki bar is a relaxing place where you can just sit and talk with your friends. You can have a yummy margarita, a cold coke, or whatever you like. The conversation flows easy and you just have a good time. That's what this is all about.

What's this blog about??? Absolutely nothing. Kind of like a Seinfeld episode but not near as funny.