Friday, December 5, 2008

What we have been up to.... part 4 ... The pony show

The Peanut did one horse show this fall. It was at a more fancy place then we normally go. And the riders were more experienced. But she held her own. Here she is in the practice arena. I'm sure there is a fair amount of etiquette to be observed here but I have no idea about it so I just sent her in to join the other riders and do whatever they were practicing.

It was rainy and foggy that day so the outside ring was pretty muddy. I had to wipe the pony and Peanut down before they went to the indoor arena to event. FYI... baby wipes are helpful at horse shows. Some of the other fancy trainers did not know this and I had to 'skool' them in the way of Hillbilly mom. Evidently, there are horse leg warmer type things you can put on the pony to keep them clean. Who knew?

I would show you some of the pictures of the event but I couldn't get any good shots. I will tell you this... Cocoa, the pony that Peanut rode, did very well. However, in the middle of going through the circuit of jumps he decided to stop. Everyone gasped. Peanut kicked and kicked, told him to 'move on' but he would not. You see, Cocoa had to poop. And Cocoa doesn't poop on the move. He lifted his tail proudly and pooped in front of all the fancy horse show people. Once he was done he went on and they made it over all the jumps with ease. He had to get the lead out.

Did Peanut place or win any ribbons? No. But we were remembered. Afterward, as were walking around and packing up, folks would ask us "Is that the pony that pooped in the ring?".

"Yes" we would say with pride. "This is Cocoa the pooper."
Do you like his 'feathered' bangs? He is so 80's.
Oops, I was just corrected it is his forelock. My bad.

Yeh, I think we came out the real winners here. We are known.
***Just keepin' it real.

Have a happy day.

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Robin Sue said...

At least it was the horse and not Peanut that pooped! Too Funny!