Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My girl got a pony!..What we have been doing pt2

Well, not really. Where Peanut rides, they got a new pony and his name is Nico. The owner asked if Peanut could come out and ride to get Nico ready for lessons. So, she gets to ride Nico whenever we can get out there. What fun. It is really like having her own pony. He is a stubborn little fellow. Sometimes he will just stop. Other times he tries bucking. We call him Naughty Nico. But she loves him. Can you tell?

I will have to get a picture of her riding him. It is so cute because he is so little. Needless to say we are driving out to the barn every chance we get. It is a good motivator to finish homework.

Have a happy day.

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