Sunday, December 21, 2008

SANTA.... I know him!

My man and I were sittin' around watching TV with the Bobo and we heard a weird noise. We both looked at each other with the look of 'What was that weird noise?'. Then a slight pause from me of... oh I hope he hops up first to check it out. It really is survival island at our home.

But just then I realized what is was.... Firetrucks.... I yelled 'SANTA'. And ran to the front door. Honest to goodness it was like this scene in Elf.

So the 3 of us ran outside and saw all the various trucks and golf carts drive by decorated and music blaring. No joke the music is LOUD. I feel sorry for those with babies. But then I don't care because, hello, it's SANTA driving through the neighborhood.

Can you see is glove? It has 3 fingers and a thumb like Mickey Mouse.

I kept nudging my little guy saying 'look, wave, say Merry Christmas'. He did do a little wave. But he wasn't near as excited as me. You see, he still believes in Santa. But he has been asking all of us if we do. I think the word is getting out at school about the fat man. This is the one area of learning the cold hard truth of life I leave to my kid's peers. They will get the 'sex ed' talk at home. (I'll make my man do that job too) but I will not be the one to tarnish the Christmas spirit.

Oh, before you get all bent out of shape about keeping Christ in Christmas. Yes, we do that. We have been doing family devotions and celebrating Advent. Christ has had more 'air time' than Santa in our home. But santa is still fun to do. Afterall, this might be our last year.

Where was the Peanut you ask??? Across the street at a sleep over. We asked the next morning 'Did you see santa?' Oh yeah, she replied and 'he brought us presents' she said with with glee. Although she no longer believes, she will rake in the goodies for the benefit of others. She is so selfless that one.


DonnaJ said...

Hi Nephew,

Cool Santa sighting! I believe!!!! He brings cool gifts and goodies!

Aunt Donna

Robin Sue said...

I remember the time I caught my kitchen on fire and the fire department came and my next door neighbor told her kids to get dressed that Santa was here when it was actually my oven on fire. So hilarious! They were so disappointed!