Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I think I can

The man and I are going on a cruise in February. We are both fat and the cruise is 8 weeks away.

I am a last minute person. Normally eight weeks is not last minute. But, quite frankly, in the weight loss game it is. This week we embarked on a crunch time weight loss plan. We are getting 'serious'. At least that's what we say we are doing. My man has a better work ethic than me. He will put his mind to something and it will get done. I however am like a kitten. I stay focused for about...... ummm what was I talking about? You get the point.

So, what does this mean to you. Well, pretty much nothing. But I thought that if I occasionally blog about it then I will be more accountable. So, reader (all 3 of you) beware.

Yesterday I wrote down what I ate. Looked up fast weight loss on WebMD. Bought some fruits and vegetables. Then we went to Outback for dinner. And ordered cheese fries. Do you see any humor in this? I hang my head in shame.

But wait.... there is a glimmer of hope.
For the record... I think the amount of cheese fries on the platter have decreased. I only had a small slice of cheese fries. Lord have mercy, do you know the amount of will power and restraint that took? I practically broke a sweat. For dinner I had chicken on the barbie (BBQ sauce on the side) AND I cut it in half! I only had the vegetables for a side.

When we got home my man said he wanted to work out. I just wanted to put on sweats and watch TV. In my opinion, I had worked out the equivalent of an hour by not eating all the cheese fries. He said 'Nay, nay'. Again the work ethic of that man. So, I got on the treadmill for 10 minutes and the eliptical for 10minutes. Not alot but something. Oh, and I did some weight training. Key word being some.

When I woke up this morning I felt it. Surely, I have lost 5-7lbs. Not so. Oh the injustices of this sin filled world.

***I made it 25min. today. Yippee****
Have a happy day.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scenes of Christmas

We spent Christmas at my parents house this year. We all ejoyed it very much.

My girl learned to cross-stitch. Grandmother showed her and she just took off. She did about 1 a day.

She tried to teach her brother. She told him it is something he can do down at Grandmother and Grand-daddy's house and his friends won't have to know. I thought that was very considerate.

He did not take to cross-stitching. And went back to his computer games.

Both learned to play Dominoes. I think we played this every day we were there. It was nice something all three generations could play. However, I was a bit ashamed to be beat by 8 and 1 year olds.

It was the season of games. We as a family got lots of games.

This picture makes me laugh. Bobo got his rip-stick. He had to wait til we got home to ride it because Grand-daddy lives on a gravely road.

Peanut is into Aeropostle clothing now. Fortunately they have great sales. I was able to hit up the clearance rack and get load up on t-shirts for $2.99 a piece. Love it!

Even Skye received some special Christmas treats.

It was wonderful to celebrate the Saviour's birth and the blessings He has given us with family.

Have a happy day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I love this man.

Do you see that guy? He is the most wonderful man ever. The other day we took the dog for a walk together. It was great us just walking and talking. Then we rounded the corner and he saw a car backing out a parking space and noticed they had a flat tire. My man jogged on over and waved them down to tell them they had a flat. They said thanks and started to park their car again. We were about to continue our walk when he said, 'I should go help that guy out'. Ok.. it was in the 20's that day. My man and this older gentleman changed the tire fairly quickly. And in no time we were continuing our walk. I was so proud of my man. He is like this all the time. And I say that completely honestly. He is the nicest guy ever and I love him so much. I am so happy God made him for me. I will stop gushing now.
Have a happy day.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

SANTA.... I know him!

My man and I were sittin' around watching TV with the Bobo and we heard a weird noise. We both looked at each other with the look of 'What was that weird noise?'. Then a slight pause from me of... oh I hope he hops up first to check it out. It really is survival island at our home.

But just then I realized what is was.... Firetrucks.... I yelled 'SANTA'. And ran to the front door. Honest to goodness it was like this scene in Elf.

So the 3 of us ran outside and saw all the various trucks and golf carts drive by decorated and music blaring. No joke the music is LOUD. I feel sorry for those with babies. But then I don't care because, hello, it's SANTA driving through the neighborhood.

Can you see is glove? It has 3 fingers and a thumb like Mickey Mouse.

I kept nudging my little guy saying 'look, wave, say Merry Christmas'. He did do a little wave. But he wasn't near as excited as me. You see, he still believes in Santa. But he has been asking all of us if we do. I think the word is getting out at school about the fat man. This is the one area of learning the cold hard truth of life I leave to my kid's peers. They will get the 'sex ed' talk at home. (I'll make my man do that job too) but I will not be the one to tarnish the Christmas spirit.

Oh, before you get all bent out of shape about keeping Christ in Christmas. Yes, we do that. We have been doing family devotions and celebrating Advent. Christ has had more 'air time' than Santa in our home. But santa is still fun to do. Afterall, this might be our last year.

Where was the Peanut you ask??? Across the street at a sleep over. We asked the next morning 'Did you see santa?' Oh yeah, she replied and 'he brought us presents' she said with with glee. Although she no longer believes, she will rake in the goodies for the benefit of others. She is so selfless that one.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Cookie Exchange

Last weekend I went to a cookie exchange at my friend Rindy's house. Go over to her site, KitchenKlique, to get a look at her gorgeous house and all the awesome food we had. Rindy's friend Sarah coordinates the exchange with her. Both ladies are wonderful hostesses and amazingly creative. I made chocolate peanut clusters which I will post later. Oh, and check out BigRedKitchen's post on Rindy & Sarah's cookie exchange.

Have a happy day!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parade

This past weekend I was in charge of organizing riders from our barn to be in the local Christmas parade. I had never done this before. Let me fill you in on what I learned.
* First, find out how many horses the owner of the barn wants to take. You see, I put an open sign up sheet out. We ended up having to do three loads of horses.
*Don't put ribbons in the ponies braided hair the night before. The ponies shake them out and they end up in the poo.
*Don't worry about everyone matching because it will be so cold the children will need their coats on anyway.
*Have someone to pick up poop during the parade. I did not have this arranged. It turns out there is a poo crew. There was a small group that came around after all the horses and picked up poo. Ewww. But somebody's got to do it. I wonder if 'Got Poo?' is their slogan. Here are some photos of the parade.
pacing the ponies waiting for another load to arrive.

going down the path to get to the parade route, we had to stop traffic twice

you see that poor boy in the black coat? This was not his idea of fun on a Saturday morning. But he was a team player and made it through the whole parade and tossed out candy.

waiting for the parade to begin. Brrr it was so cold.

finally the parade begins. That is my man and my girl.

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Weekend to Remember

A couple of months ago I went away for the weekend with a friend, P, and her daughter, Chicken Fried (cause that's the song she likes). We went to Bull Pasture Mountain Ranch. There we had a weekend in the autumn mountains and all the trail riding we could handle.

We arrived Friday afternoon and had time to do a short trail ride before dinner. All the food was prepared for us on an open campfire. We stayed in a lovely cabin with private outhouse. It is the one in the title picture.
sunrise from our cabin

Saturday we got up early for breakfast. The two things I remember about breakfast are the cooked apples (AMAZING) and the cowboy coffee.
can you see the peculator on top of the rock on the fire?

Hmmm Cowboy coffee this is a brew that isn't offered at Starbucks. They just told me it was a little stronger than regular coffee and it is cooked on the open fire. Fine by me as I am not a morning person. You know, it was pretty good. And yes it was stronger than I normally have. Then they dropped the bomb.... they put a horseshoe in during the brew. I threw up a little in my mouth. And I didn't have the hustpa to ask if it was a new or dirty old horseshoe. 'Cause you see we were surrounded by cowboys. In full cowboy regalia... the hats, the chaps, vests, bandannas and even a bolo tie or two. We on the other hand were in our tasteful english riding attire with riding helmets. Needless to say the three of us stood out. Not to mention that P and Chicken Fried have accents of the UK persuasion.
Chicken Fried and P

Onto the riding. We rode a total of about 8 hours on Saturday. The trails were well marked and we could ride at our leisure. The scenery was gorgeous. The fall colors were breath-taking. And I mean in a good way not a bad way like Elaine on Seinfeld. See...

Sunday was our last day. And we went off the ranch for a trail ride sponsored by the local volunteer fire department. Again surrounded by cowboys. This ride was a little different, we had to stick together as a group. And I ain't talkin' about a wee little group. I'm talkin about a big group of 50+. And we would stop VERY OFTEN to let everyone gather around. Our first stop was about 10 minutes into the ride. I'm thinking oh perhaps some others are joining us. Oh, no. It was the first of many stops for everyone to drink. first stop

Seriously?!?! Yep, little groups would cluster and pass around a bottle. I didn't ask. Probably moonshine. Who knows. Then we would ride a bit and stop to chat and drink.

Ride, stop, chat, drink, ride, stop, chat, drink, ride, stop, chat, drink.

I think you get the picture. P, Chicken Fried and I did not participate in the drink part. I'm a crappy horse rider on my own, I don't need to add alcohol. P is too civilized (I could learn a thing or two) and Chicken Fried is underage. At one point I think our guide was a little lost in the woods, literally. But we finally found our way back to where lunch was served. All in all the ride was nice.

Again the views were amazing. But a ride that could have/ should have taken an hour, took 3 1/2!

After lunch, which was good even for meatloaf, we loaded up our horses and drove home. It was a great weekend away the accommodations and food at
Bull Pasture Mountain Ranch were awesome. And the trails were fun. I would definitely do it again if P and Chicken Fried invited me. 'Cause I can only go with them since they own the horses.

Have a happy day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here are a couple of things that came home from school last week. They are a couple of projects from Thanksgiving they had to do in class. This is the Bobo's, he is in 3rd grade.

Here is what it says since handwriting is not a strong point. And neither are my photography skills for that matter.

I'm too fat please don't eat me. I have three children. please don't eat me. Please fine we want (spelled won't) to eat with you. Ok! I'll go. I am on a diet but who cares. We have diet coke and Diet Mountain Dew. Yummmm.

Oh, it only gets better. Here is the Peanut's Thanksgiving project. Her class (5th grade) was divided up into groups. They were given the sales papers for local grocery stores. They had to come up with a Thanksgiving menu from the fliers and stay under $75. Here is the menu her group came up with.

I know my photography leaves alot to be desired. Actually, it is just flat out bad. But the kids planned a great meal. Just look at the dessert selection 2 pumpkin pies, an apple pie, ice cream, Klondike bars and Redi-whip. How great is that? And the drink selections...Yellow tail wine and Michelob beer. All I can say is that at least it wasn't just my kid there planning this meal. On the plus side they came in under budget. And I would eat with this group anytime.

I just love when I get a glimpse into the minds of my kids.
Have a happy day.

Monday, December 8, 2008

What we have been up to...Pt 5. Did I mention football

Here are some more football pictures. My boy, Bobo, looks over this blog more than anyone I know. He is very conscience of the number of his pictures And for the autumn season football took up most of his time. Here is what we experienced.

We watched him sit and sit and sit.

Then we would get to see him in action for 10 minutes.
Go Bobo go!

We are very proud of him. He improved throughout the season. I didn't take many pictures because we had a family friend who is an amazing photographer at the games taking pictures. We have a DVD of the season. It is awesome. So, for this blog you get to experience my low quality photos. Oh, and I didn't take any pictures during practices. I should have. Hindsite is 20/20, as the saying goes.

Have a happy day.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Yikes! Dingleberries

At least I'm not alone in my toilet paper caught in my butt fur peril. Obviously, others have this problem if they make a commercial about it.

I'm just kidding. But I did laugh out loud when I first saw this on TV. Ironically, my man was in the bathroom at the time so I had to pause until he came out. So he could appreciate the craziness. Seriously, I can't believe they are trying to appeal to folks with TP stuck to their hineys. I am laughing now just thinking about it.

Friday, December 5, 2008

What we have been up to.... part 4 ... The pony show

The Peanut did one horse show this fall. It was at a more fancy place then we normally go. And the riders were more experienced. But she held her own. Here she is in the practice arena. I'm sure there is a fair amount of etiquette to be observed here but I have no idea about it so I just sent her in to join the other riders and do whatever they were practicing.

It was rainy and foggy that day so the outside ring was pretty muddy. I had to wipe the pony and Peanut down before they went to the indoor arena to event. FYI... baby wipes are helpful at horse shows. Some of the other fancy trainers did not know this and I had to 'skool' them in the way of Hillbilly mom. Evidently, there are horse leg warmer type things you can put on the pony to keep them clean. Who knew?

I would show you some of the pictures of the event but I couldn't get any good shots. I will tell you this... Cocoa, the pony that Peanut rode, did very well. However, in the middle of going through the circuit of jumps he decided to stop. Everyone gasped. Peanut kicked and kicked, told him to 'move on' but he would not. You see, Cocoa had to poop. And Cocoa doesn't poop on the move. He lifted his tail proudly and pooped in front of all the fancy horse show people. Once he was done he went on and they made it over all the jumps with ease. He had to get the lead out.

Did Peanut place or win any ribbons? No. But we were remembered. Afterward, as were walking around and packing up, folks would ask us "Is that the pony that pooped in the ring?".

"Yes" we would say with pride. "This is Cocoa the pooper."
Do you like his 'feathered' bangs? He is so 80's.
Oops, I was just corrected it is his forelock. My bad.

Yeh, I think we came out the real winners here. We are known.
***Just keepin' it real.

Have a happy day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FOOTBALL What we have been up 3

This is Bobo after the Mud Bowl. It rained throughout the game and he only played for one (1) quarter. Let me tell you about football. It is the never ending season. It starts in the heat of August with training. We lucked out and were on vacation for a week. However, the season lasts until the end of October or into November, depending how long you last in playoffs. The practices are intense and the games are intens-er (I know it isn't a real word). And since the boy is new to the team he only plays for the second quarter (10 min.s) A whole lot of waiting for 10 minutes of glory.

Bobo started out hating football, well at least all the running they did in August. I was asked not to sit and watch the practices because he would run to me. At one point he would not get out of the van and I had to literally crawl in the back and push him out the side door, him trying to stay in with all four limbs stretched out holding on (imagine a cat not wanting to go in a cat carrier, all four legs stretched out). I shoved him out and slammed the door, shimmied up to the front to lock him out and then tried to drive off without running over my son while he ran along the side of the van. That was a low point in my mothering.

Once the tackle practices began he loved it and can't wait for next season. And he is always playing football with the neighborhood boys. So we all stuck it out and came out better for it.

Have a happy day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Life Lessons

Around here we are all about teachable moments with our children. Those little times when so much knowledge can be give to the precious open minds of the young. Here are a couple.

Last Friday the peanut and I were driving down the road and the song Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven by Kenney Chesney was on the radio. I thought what an opportune time to talk about seeing our Heavenly Father. Here's how it went...

Me... I like this song but I think if people really knew what heaven was like they would want to go right away.

Peanut... yeh, especially with the gold and mansions.

Me... that will be cool, but I was thinking more about there won't be any worries or pain. We will be so happy praising God.

Peanut.... is that all we are going to do?

Me... Y'know I have wondered about that too but I think we will all be so happy to be with Jesus praising Him won't be a chore.

Peanut.... I think we can praise Him by doing stuff in heaven.

Me... you're right we can praise God by doing well at our jobs. I wonder what they will be. I'm sure it will be something we love.

Peanut... I am going to take care of cats.

Me.... I think I will take care of dogs and play with the tigers and horses.

Yes, I know we are both over achievers. I think I got the most out of that 'teachable moment'. We did go on to talk about how our human minds can't understand how great heaven will be. Regardless, we will still both be in the animal section.

Another moment... again we were driving around in the van. It was just before the election and she asked who I was going to vote for. I said I was going to vote for McCain because he was most in line with my opinions. She told me she would vote for Obama because he is African American. And if he was in office then rest of the world would see that America really was equal for everyone. I started to tell her how wonderful that would be but we need to pick a president for what they stand for not their skin color or gender. Just as I was about to talk more, she said... yeh mom, but can you turn the radio up I love Taylor Swift.

That my friends is our future. Cat caregiver and Taylor Swift fan. Aren't you glad that I am taking advantage of these teachable moments?

Have a happy day.