Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Here are a couple of things that came home from school last week. They are a couple of projects from Thanksgiving they had to do in class. This is the Bobo's, he is in 3rd grade.

Here is what it says since handwriting is not a strong point. And neither are my photography skills for that matter.

I'm too fat please don't eat me. I have three children. please don't eat me. Please fine we want (spelled won't) to eat with you. Ok! I'll go. I am on a diet but who cares. We have diet coke and Diet Mountain Dew. Yummmm.

Oh, it only gets better. Here is the Peanut's Thanksgiving project. Her class (5th grade) was divided up into groups. They were given the sales papers for local grocery stores. They had to come up with a Thanksgiving menu from the fliers and stay under $75. Here is the menu her group came up with.

I know my photography leaves alot to be desired. Actually, it is just flat out bad. But the kids planned a great meal. Just look at the dessert selection 2 pumpkin pies, an apple pie, ice cream, Klondike bars and Redi-whip. How great is that? And the drink selections...Yellow tail wine and Michelob beer. All I can say is that at least it wasn't just my kid there planning this meal. On the plus side they came in under budget. And I would eat with this group anytime.

I just love when I get a glimpse into the minds of my kids.
Have a happy day.

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Robin Sue said...

I cracked up at the beer! Too funny that kids would think of that one! Very cute menu and was very happy to see so much butter!