Friday, January 30, 2009

A 10 year old and her muse

I recently uploaded some pictures from our old camera. It is now the 'kids' camera'. They both love taking pictures. And my girl just loves taking pictures of her dog. Below is a combination of a couple photo shoots the Peanut did with the dog. Not sure if the dog is ready to be in America's Next Top Dog Model yet. I don't think she would even make into a Bad Dog calendar.

Hi! my name is Skye. I'm a SBD (single, black dog). I like treats and chasing squirrels. I was promised treats and lots of them. Where is the food services area?

Umm, I'm not sure I am comfortable doing this scene in the closet. It seems to be an 'I Dream of Jeannie' theme. And Barbara Eden was given more to wear

What do you mean by full frontal? Isn't this a family friendly photo shoot? And where is the snack cart?

Yeh, yeh, I'm workin' it. Will this day ever end?

I feel pretty. Oh so, pretty. Pretty and bright.

How sweet it is to be loved by you... Or Just the two of us. Oh wait,.. Love will keep us together.... Can you name the artists? I gotta quit listen' to my ipod when I post.

Stop all the jive talkin' and give me some treats. Now!

Have a happy day.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Days

The past couple of days here have been snowy and then icy. The kids have played outside most of the time the past two days. Bobo played football and the girl built a fort with her friends. We didn't get but a few inches of snow so they were not able to build their fort very high. As you can see.

The dog and I went walking in a winter wonderland.

I should have gotten much more done than I did around the house. But I spent too much time with this friend.

and wishing I was doing this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Greggie

Today is my brother's birthday. What are you Greg? 50? Naw, I'm just kiddin' he's 46. Old man. Let me tell you about my bro. He is why I wanted to take piano lessons. He has a natural talent in music. (I do not, but this is about him) He took lessons and eventually the instructor told my folks that she couldn't teach him anymore. Wow.

When I wanted to run away from home, he stopped me and told me I needed figure out where I was going to stay before I ran away.

When I started high school he warned me where to stay away from and not to buy a subscription to the school newspaper. They didn't have one but the seniors would prank incoming freshmen.

When I was upset about being short. He comforted me by telling me I would not have a hard time getting a date.

He picked me up from taking SATs and took me to McDonalds.

My brother married me. Not became my husband but performed the ceremony. He is ordained but had only done funerals up to that point. And he said cleavage during the ceremony which made me get the giggles.

He is a great dad and husband to his family. Even in the midst of tragedy, he stayed strong. I admire him a great deal.

Happy Birthday Greg. Hope today is a great day.
Love you.

He had a note sent home

This sweet child had a note from his teacher sent home last week. Evidently, this angel has been talking in class instead of listening to his teacher. Naughty. She said she even went so far as to move his desk to the hall to get work done. All to no avail. I can't believe this innocent babe would do such a thing. Unless, such naughtiness comes from his father. Of course that is it! All the not so great things come from their father. This baby's father, my man, is the one that taught his fellow kindergartners cuss words. Naughty behavior must come from him.

As my man and I discussed our course of action with the babe. All these things came up...
What is going on with the child?
Is he having issues with a classmate?
Is he being bullied?
Is he the bully?
What kind of consequences are in order?

Well, I went on to tell my man that when I was in 2nd grade my teacher, Ms McPeak, would make us do the 'captain's chair' against the wall. The 'captain's chair' was where you would be in sitting position with your back against the wall but no chair underneath you. That is probably where my big thighs came from. Thanks Ms McPeak. I often had to do the 'captain's chair' because I would talk with this boy that sat in the row next to mine. And I talked with Tony, the girl who sat behind me. Actually, Tony would call me honky and I would turn around and shhhh her. This would go on and on. Then Ms McPeak would make both of us do the cpt. chair.

In 3rd grade I had my desk right in front of my teacher's desk. And I often had to write out my multiplication tables due to talking. At that point in the conversation, it hit me. I am the culprit. He got it from me! The naughty chattiness came from me.

Oh sweet child of mine, I am so sorry that you inherited my chattiness. But you are still grounded and have extra chores.

And my amazingly forgiving man... I apologize for blaming you for everything. You are a good man.

Have a happy day.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sabrina where have you been?

Well, to be quite honest with you, I have been in a funk. Can't place it... just a funk. Oh well, no worries. It is over now. Plus nothing much has been going on anyway.

The missions weekend at church went well. The ladies loved the brunch. The only faux pas (fox pause) is I ran out of chicken salad. I had a cool apron to wear that my friend Rindy had given me. It says Chef Sabrina. Part of being a success is appearing like you know what you are doing. At least I told myself that.
One gal came up to me and said "I didn't know you did catering". In my insecurity I had no idea how to take that, so I said, "I didn't know I was one either". I really didn't follow my own rule, of appearing like I know what I am doing, in that situation. The one dish that was a huge success was the French Toast Casserole. I will post on that sometime. It is a total indulgance. Oh and the Hot Fruit Salad from Big Red Kitchen was a winner too.

You know how I wailed and moaned about doing that brunch? Well, then I got to spend some time with the various missionaries. Um, talk about humiliating... I got to hear about real "suffering for Jesus". Ouch a painful reality check. What a great act of faith to follow that calling into the mission field. I know we are all called but I am talkin' about the far far away ones and the persecuted ones. It really made me appreciate my sheltered and spoiled existance.

My Ravens lost to the Steelers. I was so bummed. Even one of the kids in the neighborhood came by and said he felt bad for me. He actually came over to play with my boy but he did say sorry.

Hmmm... I've worked at the preschool. One of the kids told her mom that Jules and I hit her. It was cool though, I know her mom. She laughed about it. This little angel has also threatened her parents that she will tell Ms Sabrina that they were bad and I would spank them. By the way, we really don't hit the kids, at least not that hard.
I'm just kidding. Don't get your knickers in a bunch.

I got to go riding last Friday. I had not ridden in over a month. Although it was a short ride I have been sore for two days. I am so old.

I went for a check up recently. I have to get a mammogram now that I am 40. Lord, help me I am so old.

We finished painting the family room. Picture coming soon.

Oh, on a good note. I have lost 4 pounds.

Well, you are all caught up. That didn't take long.

Have a happy day.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Under pressure

This week has/is a long one. I had to go back to work. I just work at a pre-school. I work with two year olds. I have been doing this for 3 years now. I am a little jaded at this point. I teach with my friend Jules. I seriously couldn't make it without her. Let me give you a glimpse into the elusive pre-school world. We have a kid in our class that his parents describe him as 'exceptional'. Well, exceptional he is...
Today we were working on a color sheet and this is the dialogue I had.
'Exceptional' says... "I need more sex."
Me... "huh"
'Exceptional'... " I need more sex"
Jules... "yeh, we all do". She never misses a beat.
me... "What is it?"... "did I hear him right?"
'Exceptional'... "I need more sex"
me... "one more time want more crayons?
'Exceptional'... "No, I need more sex"
This went on for a little more. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. Ok... I am sure I just couldn't decipher what he was trying to get across. But it was amusing nonetheless.

Later on... I was reading a book about a puppy. The puppy was trying to get out of the gate in the fence. I asked the class...
me... "what would happen if the puppy ran out the fence?"
'Exceptional'..."that would suck"
me... yes, yes it would. Or, he might get lost.

This is our future.

On to the home front....

And this is my mess at home. My man received paint from my folks for Christmas. Lucky guy.

So, we were going to begin painting the family room. Step One... take everything off the walls, patch holes, and move the furniture away from the walls. And Step One is as far as we have gotten. Some how this disaray effects me emotionally. I am in disaray.

Finally... I am in charge of the food for a women's brunch at church on Friday. I thought I was just volunteering to to help with food. In my mind this meant bring a dish. But since no one else offered help, I am now in charge of food. so, I am getting a bit stressed. But is isn't stopping at Friday morning. My man told me yesterday that we have to make chili for a missions dinner Friday night. Then, for the Saturday night Missions dinner, I am in charge of appetizers. All that keeps going through my head is the Queen song, Under Pressure. I understand for most this isn't a big deal. But I am easily overwhelmed.

These are my character flaws... easily amused by helpless two year olds and easily overwhelmed by how much and what stuff to buy for a crowd.

I know this post is all over the place... I am watching House Hunters International as I write. I would love to be shoping for a flat in Paris right about now.

***This was written Tuesday but I had trouble uploading the picture.

Have a happy day.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Some more scenes of Christmas

Happy New Years everyone.
I missed my one New Year's special thing... I missed the Rose Parade. Can you believe it? One of my favorite things and I missed it. We were taking down all the Christmas stuff. And I didn't even realize I missed it until today. My man said my goal of being productive got in the way of one of the highlights of my year. Gee thanks I feel better about it already.

Here are some more scenes of Christmas. These are with my man's family. They are big givers. I don't even bother trying to keep up with pictures.

****Caution PG-13 stuff****
Below is my father in law. He is wearing his new Christmas shirt, which makes me laugh every time I see it. He is full of Christmas spirit.

This is my niece Miss K. She is two.

She got a new camera for Christmas. A blogger in the making.

Here is another neice, Baby C. I could eat her up with a spoon she is so cute.

Ok, just a couple more..... my boy asked for a pocket knife for Christmas. Tell me what you think...
Does anyone else see a problem with an 8yr old walking around with a dagger? Or is it just me? This put a whole new meaning to the line from A Christmas Story..."You'll put your eye out".

Finally, speaking of A Christmas Story... my man got this...
Have a happy day!