Wednesday, December 3, 2008

FOOTBALL What we have been up 3

This is Bobo after the Mud Bowl. It rained throughout the game and he only played for one (1) quarter. Let me tell you about football. It is the never ending season. It starts in the heat of August with training. We lucked out and were on vacation for a week. However, the season lasts until the end of October or into November, depending how long you last in playoffs. The practices are intense and the games are intens-er (I know it isn't a real word). And since the boy is new to the team he only plays for the second quarter (10 min.s) A whole lot of waiting for 10 minutes of glory.

Bobo started out hating football, well at least all the running they did in August. I was asked not to sit and watch the practices because he would run to me. At one point he would not get out of the van and I had to literally crawl in the back and push him out the side door, him trying to stay in with all four limbs stretched out holding on (imagine a cat not wanting to go in a cat carrier, all four legs stretched out). I shoved him out and slammed the door, shimmied up to the front to lock him out and then tried to drive off without running over my son while he ran along the side of the van. That was a low point in my mothering.

Once the tackle practices began he loved it and can't wait for next season. And he is always playing football with the neighborhood boys. So we all stuck it out and came out better for it.

Have a happy day.

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Robin Sue said...

Ooh red, pretty colors in here. Love your horse picture and your updates. I laughed so hard about you pushing him out of the van! A truly great mothering momment, some day we won't be able to keep them with us, they will be running away!