Thursday, September 30, 2010

Day 3 P90X

Ok... today was shoulders, biceps and triceps. I only used 5lb weights but still got a good workout and I'm still able to lift my arms. Yay! I worked hard but was still able to function at preschool and lift kids. And I was able to participate in the ab workout. Now, I say participate because some of the exercises I really had to modify. I couldn't even do their 'easy' version of some of them. It was sad. But I did it.

I can tell I did alot of lunges and squats yesterday because it was difficult to sit and put on my shoes today. Ouch!

I didn't eat so well today. I had Kashi cereal for breakfast. It was 'pizza day' at the preschool and I had two pieces. Not so good. I just have a difficult time passing up pizza.

On another note... one of the kids in class today said there was a snake in his house and it was in his bed! Given this is from a 3yr old but, oh my word! I didn't get a chance to verify this with his mom, maybe next time. I would rather torture myself with P90X than have a snake in my house.

That's it for today.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

P90X Days 1&2

I have started the P90X workout program. And I am going to journal my progress here. Hopefully I will feel accountable and stick with this program.

I haven't blogged in over a year so nobody will be following this. I feel safe.

I started yesterday. The workout was Chest and Back. Most of the workout was pull-ups and push ups. I am still in pain today. My arms are killing me. It is a focused effort to fully extend them. So, I don't know if I did the stuff correctly because my chest and back feel fine. I completely forgot I was supposed to do an ab work out too. I think I was only able to do 1 of each ab exercise. And I am still feeling it.

Today (day 2) was Plyometrics. It is an aerobic workout with a ton of jumping around. I didn't feel totally wiped out after it. So, I will push myself harder next time.