Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hijacked Blog Entry

I am tired of my sister in law, Bri, not blogging. So, I got on her account and I am just going to make some stuff up, so here goes.

Top 10 Reasons She is Not Blogging

1. She broke all her fingers NOT
2. She was kidnapped by aliens NOT
3. She got stuck in a field taking a picture of pumpkins - this really happened but not an excuse not to blog.
4. She forgot how to type NOT
5. A horse bit her and she has been in therapy for 2 months NOT
6. She is not typing till the Raven's win a game - some excuse
7. She has been too busy getting ready for Christmas and was so excited to be spending time with me - I like this excuse but its really not accurate
8. The kids hogtied her and locked her in the closet - this could happen at any time!
9. She ran out of things to say - I've seen her family, this is a lie!
10. She wanted to blog about food but the most difficult directions were "remove food from box" doesn't exactly qualify her as a foodie!

Story about the first time I met Sabrina...We lived next door to the Jackson family and they adopted a little girl. She was 5 weeks old. I was so excited...Mom & I went over to visit and I sat in the rocking chair and rocked her to sleep. I was in heaven and very thankful the neighbors adopted a baby for me to play with. Who knew that 37 years later, this would be my sister in law! Love ya Sabrina!

Now get back to blogging!

posted by Donna

Ooh, now we know your passwords! Rico, go get the amazon catalog. We're going shopping! Are there 2 L's in LL Bean? Wouldn't you know that her password is the same as her age. 45 he he he.