Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Parade

This past weekend I was in charge of organizing riders from our barn to be in the local Christmas parade. I had never done this before. Let me fill you in on what I learned.
* First, find out how many horses the owner of the barn wants to take. You see, I put an open sign up sheet out. We ended up having to do three loads of horses.
*Don't put ribbons in the ponies braided hair the night before. The ponies shake them out and they end up in the poo.
*Don't worry about everyone matching because it will be so cold the children will need their coats on anyway.
*Have someone to pick up poop during the parade. I did not have this arranged. It turns out there is a poo crew. There was a small group that came around after all the horses and picked up poo. Ewww. But somebody's got to do it. I wonder if 'Got Poo?' is their slogan. Here are some photos of the parade.
pacing the ponies waiting for another load to arrive.

going down the path to get to the parade route, we had to stop traffic twice

you see that poor boy in the black coat? This was not his idea of fun on a Saturday morning. But he was a team player and made it through the whole parade and tossed out candy.

waiting for the parade to begin. Brrr it was so cold.

finally the parade begins. That is my man and my girl.

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bigredkitchen said...

Your girl is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pics. Looked like a lot of fun plus I love seeing you live your dream!