Friday, December 12, 2008

A Weekend to Remember

A couple of months ago I went away for the weekend with a friend, P, and her daughter, Chicken Fried (cause that's the song she likes). We went to Bull Pasture Mountain Ranch. There we had a weekend in the autumn mountains and all the trail riding we could handle.

We arrived Friday afternoon and had time to do a short trail ride before dinner. All the food was prepared for us on an open campfire. We stayed in a lovely cabin with private outhouse. It is the one in the title picture.
sunrise from our cabin

Saturday we got up early for breakfast. The two things I remember about breakfast are the cooked apples (AMAZING) and the cowboy coffee.
can you see the peculator on top of the rock on the fire?

Hmmm Cowboy coffee this is a brew that isn't offered at Starbucks. They just told me it was a little stronger than regular coffee and it is cooked on the open fire. Fine by me as I am not a morning person. You know, it was pretty good. And yes it was stronger than I normally have. Then they dropped the bomb.... they put a horseshoe in during the brew. I threw up a little in my mouth. And I didn't have the hustpa to ask if it was a new or dirty old horseshoe. 'Cause you see we were surrounded by cowboys. In full cowboy regalia... the hats, the chaps, vests, bandannas and even a bolo tie or two. We on the other hand were in our tasteful english riding attire with riding helmets. Needless to say the three of us stood out. Not to mention that P and Chicken Fried have accents of the UK persuasion.
Chicken Fried and P

Onto the riding. We rode a total of about 8 hours on Saturday. The trails were well marked and we could ride at our leisure. The scenery was gorgeous. The fall colors were breath-taking. And I mean in a good way not a bad way like Elaine on Seinfeld. See...

Sunday was our last day. And we went off the ranch for a trail ride sponsored by the local volunteer fire department. Again surrounded by cowboys. This ride was a little different, we had to stick together as a group. And I ain't talkin' about a wee little group. I'm talkin about a big group of 50+. And we would stop VERY OFTEN to let everyone gather around. Our first stop was about 10 minutes into the ride. I'm thinking oh perhaps some others are joining us. Oh, no. It was the first of many stops for everyone to drink. first stop

Seriously?!?! Yep, little groups would cluster and pass around a bottle. I didn't ask. Probably moonshine. Who knows. Then we would ride a bit and stop to chat and drink.

Ride, stop, chat, drink, ride, stop, chat, drink, ride, stop, chat, drink.

I think you get the picture. P, Chicken Fried and I did not participate in the drink part. I'm a crappy horse rider on my own, I don't need to add alcohol. P is too civilized (I could learn a thing or two) and Chicken Fried is underage. At one point I think our guide was a little lost in the woods, literally. But we finally found our way back to where lunch was served. All in all the ride was nice.

Again the views were amazing. But a ride that could have/ should have taken an hour, took 3 1/2!

After lunch, which was good even for meatloaf, we loaded up our horses and drove home. It was a great weekend away the accommodations and food at
Bull Pasture Mountain Ranch were awesome. And the trails were fun. I would definitely do it again if P and Chicken Fried invited me. 'Cause I can only go with them since they own the horses.

Have a happy day.


Rindy R said...

I'm sneezing just looking at these horse pictures - but it sure looks pretty! What fun you must have had!

Eddie said...

I am glad you have been able to spend that time alone with some friends. It is also nice to be able to spend time in "Gods Country" and see his beautiful work. Next year will be better since you will be more prepared.

Robin Sue said...

8 hours on a horse, oh my! My bottom hurt just reading that. Looked like a beautiful weekend. Really an outhouse? Oh my!