Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crafty copycat

I am late getting this post up today. And I know I will hear from you because y'all hop on my site and just keep hitting refresh until something new pops up. Really, you can get a life. I am not the beat all to end all. Just kidding. Just because I do that doesn't mean everyone else does that.

As I said Monday... What?! I can't believe it is Wednesday. I was supposed to write yesterday. Oh yeah... I was too busy blog surfing myself to write. Sorry.

Anyhoo... I am sharing with you my copycats of everything I have seen in blog land. At some point I will reference the original but that takes effort on my part. And I just don't have it right now. Plus if you see how the other folks did theirs and how nice they are... let's just say that mine come up a little short.

This first craft is a picture put on a 4x4 tile with modge podge. I saw this and loved it. You could use different style and size tiles for different looks. I went with the 16cent tile from Home Depot. Do you see the swirls on the picture. That is from too much Modge Podge. This was my first time using the stuff and I didn't know how much to use. I ended up making thes tiles of my preschool kids for their Mother's Day gifts.

These are glass bead things you find in the floral section and I put scrapbook paper on the back and added a magnet. These are fun.

Next is another modge podge craft. It is scrapbook paper on a clipboard. First I spray painted the metal part with glitter paint because I thought it would look better. Then the paper. Which is wrinkly because I thought I could seal it up while it was wet. Wrong. Finally I stenciled and added ribbon.

This is the back. It looks better because I let the first application of the modge podge dry before topping it off.

Overall, I am pleased and will doing each of these again. Heads up to you... don't be surprised if you see them as gifts

Have a happy day.


Robin Sue said...

And you said you are not crafty! Ha! Verra nice indeed!

Rindy R said...

You go girl - or is that you glue girl!