Monday, May 4, 2009

Come on everybody's doin' it

This blogging thing has added a whole new relm to peer presssure for me. And therefore my family... From crafting to exercise. And all because I see someone else's post and feel the need to give it a try.

This weekend I bought Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred because I had seen a post about it on someone's blog and they referenced another blog, which I had to read, and all the positive comments on it. So, the man and I did the shred. I'll just say this... I was sore within hours of doing it. Jillian Michaels should be an agent for the government. I think she could break down any terrorist suspect. Jack Bauer has nothing on her.

I have started to paint furniture. I did some window treatments. Oh, the recipes I have tried. The camera purchase..."honey, we need a new camera so I can have better pics for the blog". Poor guy, never saw it comin'. Well really, I started the whole blog because my friends were doing theirs and I couldn't be left out.

So, this week I'll be posting about some of the things I have done because...'everybody is doing it'. And the saddest thing is that I very few peronsally.

Have a happy day.


Rindy R said...

and when your done with your crunches I have some purple Kool aid for you to rehydrate with! :-) You're so cute!

Robin Sue said...

I want to do the shred thing too. Now peer pressure is on me! I almost bought it the other day but could not find it at Sam's club- good excuse! Can't wait to see your projects!

Donna and Greg said...

Do not give into peer pressure!!!!!!!

You are so talented and a fun person to be with, just like you are! Can't wait for our visit!

Eddie said...

Ah the dreaded shread. I now know what the really meaning of " The pain and agony of defeat" means. Here this 100lb woman is showing me how to do things that my body is not created for(20 years in the making). Bend over and touch what??? Spead this as far as you can go? Ummmm, that hurts A TON! Watch out for crushing the bean bag. Just a small price to pay so At least I can "try" to look good for the woman. I would do anything for you!!