Monday, May 11, 2009

weekend in review

What a great weekend. Charlie played lacrosse, finally after all the rain. His team didin't win but he scored a goal. Sammy got to ride. Her barn was holding an 'open barn' for folks to come check the place out and Sammy was asked to do some freestyle riding just to show what she has learned. I made up a routine for her and she picked out some celtic music to play as she rode. So, she looked at my routine then made it up as she was out there. I guess that is the true definition of freestyle. What do I know.

Mother's day was fab. I had bought everything for the perfect breakfast beforehand and had a recipe set aside.
I was up before everyone and starving so I made my own feast. I made the cinnamon bites from 4 Reluctant Entertainers site. Tastey is all I have to say. I didn't even take pictures because they were gone too quickly. These will definitely be made again in this household. My kids had made cute cards at school telling what they like most about me. Very nice. All the ranting and raving about all I do has paid off. They were able to write what I have done for them. Almost verbatim from my rants... oh the shame. And they both mentioned cooking. Namely pot pies and pork chops and rice. However, the pork chops and rice is a dish my mom makes. Mom... Grandmother... it's all the same right. I was also given a box of questions. We went through some of them at dinner. Love it! You will probably see some pop up on the Friday 5. Here is an example..... Where is the coziest spot in your home? Our bed was voted #1. The kids will come snuggle with us every now and then.

Finally, I want to leave you with the gift that keeps on giving in our home. Or rather, keeps haunting me. As I was taking pictures of the living room last week here is what snuck up on me....

It was peeking out of the pellet stove hopper. You probably can't see past the dust so I will tell you what it is, a plastic snake. But when you come upon it unexpectedly or out of the corner of your eye. It seems very real. This is my 'Kato'. Do you remember the inspector Kluso? His assistant, Kato, would always hide and jump out at the inspector to test him. That is this snake to me... popping up and raising my blood pressure to alarming levels.

Uh oh, just got a call from the school.... gotta go pick up a sick boy.
Have a happy day.


Eddie said...

Coiling Kato we will call him! You know that's how we keep you on your toes. We do it all in love. (giggle,giggle) Anyhow, we love you very much and thanks for being the best mother to our kids. They truly do love a bunch.

Oxford Impressions said...

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