Friday, May 8, 2009

Our enhanced living room

Well, I was blog hopping and saw on Kelly's Korner that she is having a Linky party of show us where you live. So, I figured I would post this update of our living room.
Here is the room straight on before... It was suggested to raise the curtains or add something above to add height to that area. I am so thankful for that suggestion. Wait til you see the after.

Here is to the left before...
And finally to the right before...
All of it was pretty plain. I love the blues, grays and browns but the room just wasn't coming together.

And now for the afters... The living room slightly to the right. I made some window mistreatments, thanks to Nester's site. I found the fabric in the remnants section and JoAnn's for $6 a yard. I do not sew... so this is perfect for me and I think they look fab.
We also hung up some photos. I still think this wall is missing something. But I'm not sure what. Someday, it come to me.
Here are the mistreatments up close.
Another Nester thing is tassles. So, I bought a couple and added pompoms then hung them from the lamps.

And finally the after to the slight left.

We put mirror panels behind the shelves in the entertainment center. This helps bounce light around the room. I forgot to turn on the lights in there for the pictures. Sorry.
I put a little chair, table and lamp in the corner to help with the darkness of the room. My man asked if it was a time out chair. I guess that would work. My son has been sitting over there to do some studying. The table was a standard garden table that I covered with scrap fabric from my curtains.

I also used scraps to make the topper for this table.

Thanks for visiting.
Have a happy day.


Girl Fisher said...

Looks great! I just recently found Nester's site, and your mistreatments look fabulous!

Donna and Greg said...

I have two words for you. Crown Molding. It is a good way to dress up a living room at not too much cost. I would take the piece you have above the fire place and extend it around the room. Once Eddie figures out the cut on the chop saw, it isn't to hard to put up. And since it is white, you can caulk any cracks.

My other thought is one of this Red Skin helmets you stick to the wall.

Love ya Sis!

Donna and Greg said...

The living room looks good...especially the quilt on the "time out" chair!!!! HeeHee! At least Charlie has a comfy place to study and dazzle everyone with his brilliance!

Rindy R said...

Love the curtains and the added length! Love it - the fun part is the "Enhancing" never ends!

Mommyto3andahusky said...

cute house! :)

Leslie said...

Love those curtains. Great idea!