Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Now that's entertainment

Yesterday the kids finished their homework and chores in record time. So, I decided to take them to the mall for dinner and run some errands. There was an arcade just inside the food court entrance, and Charlie just about had a stroke when he saw it. I was not about to indulge that pinball wizard fantasy so we moved on. I know, I'm mean but I was hungry.

Despite all of the culinary choices, we dined at Chic-fil-a. As we were sitting in the eating area Samantha spied a mall cop. But she calls him a mall police. I don't know why but I think that is funny. The mall 'police' is fascinating to her because, hello, a movie was just made about one and he saved the day. Who knows what may unfold before our eyes. As she watches him intently, he stops his patrol and stands near our table. Oh, the excitement of it all. To see a mall cop up close. This began the whole discussion of whether or not he carries a gun. All the while he is talking into his walkie talkie.

"I don't see a gun.." "Do you think he has a taser gun?" ... "Is he getting ready to taser someone?" I am getting annoyed because they cannot eat while watching the mall cop. He just might taser someone when they take a bite of a chicken nugget. And then they would miss the action.

Finally, another mall employee walks up with a towel. He wipes up a spill the mall police has been guarding. No taser action needed. And my kids were able to resume their dinner.

After our dinner and a show, we walked around a bit, Charlie and Sam were amazed at the amount of stores and kiosks that are in the mall. "Look mom a... ". " Look over here." "Can we go in here?" It was a case of mall sensory overload. I didn't realize how rarely we go to the mall until I saw how they were enchanted by it. Charlie ended the outing by saying..."I wish we could move out here because I would be at this mall all the time."
And I'm sure he would.

Now you see why there are days in between my posts. And you probably wish I would skip some more.

Have a happy day.

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Eddie said...

Charlie sounds like he could become a cop one day.... 2 words Rodney King. He is the brother that would give his own sister a ticket for giggles. Now as for Sam, she would be a game warden and would shot first and ask questions later.