Friday, March 13, 2009

Because sharing is what friends do

I just want to share some sites that humor me. Check them out

Cake wrecks... is where professional cakes go wrong. Sometimes it is misspelled words other time just all out bad decorating. Either way it is funny.

Passive Aggressive notes... Oh how this site is write (ha ha get my pun?) up my alley. Some can get naughty but for the most part very humorous.

Post Secret... this is where people write/draw their secrets and send them to this fella. There are actual books of these too. Some are cute. Some funny. Some sad and some that make you go hmmm. Some people get real creative with their presentation. I always think what would I send in? I haven't come up with one yet. Oh, the guy updates every Sunday.

Just a few I wanted to share.

Have a happy weekend

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