Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On second thought, I should have taken home ec.

I have been posting about the cruise this week. Let me give you a glimpse of my welcome home. Our flight got in close to 11pm. My folks and the kids came to pick us up. Charlie was asleep but Samantha stayed awake to greet us. After telling me how happy she was to see me, she launched right into how Grandmother made "the best' mashed potatoes for her. With a sparkle in her eye, my first born told me I had a lot of practice to do to come close to the mashed potatoes my mom made for her. Gee thanks and I missed you too.

Then she went on to tell me of the fabulous salads Grandmother made. I looked at my mom, who was beaming, and said what kind of salad did you make. "Oh, I just chopped up romaine and added some bacon bits, shredded cheese and sliced hard boiled eggs." I turned to my daughter and told her the only thing different than my salads is the hard boiled egg. Sammy then enlightened me... "Yeah, but Grandmother put it together for me". Clearly, it is all in the presentation here. Chopping the lettuce and putting the bags of bacon bits and shredded cheese on the table are no longer going to cut it. Lessons in motherhood.

When Charlie woke me up the next day, he told me of the sausage balls that Grandmother had made him for breakfast, on a school day no less. He informed me that he had not had these since the last time he saw Grandmother at Christmas time. Again, slacking at the mom job.

Here is a compilation of photos of various times my mom has made these with the kids. I keep meaning to post this... now is the time.

Let me give you a little tutorial on the elusive sausage ball. You will need 3 cups of Bisquick, 3 cups of shredded cheese, and a pound of your favorite sausage.

Throw it all together in a large bowl... My man said this picture looks like a turd in sand. Our cup of tact and class runneth over.

And mix it all together. This is best done by hand. If you find another way, have at it and then let me know... cause I don't like this part.
This is where my mom said... "Bob, she's taking pictures for her bog again."
Yes mom, this site is mired down in muck but it's correct pronunciation is blog, with an 'L'.

Anyhow... your mom and her assistant incorporate the ingredients while you document the process.

And if her lovely assistant drops any on the floor you have your furry vacuum around to clean up. I know it's blurry but I think the dog is wearing Mardi Gras beads. What can I say she is a party animal. Ba dum dump.

Then you bake them at 375* for 15 to 18 minutes according to your desired doneness. My dad likes them very done, where they are on the verge of being briquettes. But to each is own. We serve them up with mustard. Delightful.

As you can see you can shape these anyway you like. My daughter likes to make them into snakes. What can I say, she is a little off. I like to make initials. Again, whatever floats you boat.

You can make these in advance. Keep them refrigerated and bake later. I should probably do that since I am falling in my mom ranking.

On another note Charlie said he liked my dad's car better than the van. Because his car is so smoooooth.

Have a happy day.


Eddie said...

Man do I love sausage balls. I think that is the funniest thing to say. Yea... he said balls.. Shut up Beavis! Anyhow, you are a great cook. You can tell by looking at your man. I not big due to a thyroid condition!

EAT! said...

My daughter would love this recipe. We are going to give it a try this weekend.

Donna and Greg said...

It puts the "mas" in Christmas. A little bi-lingual joke for the pun loving readers of this site. Sausage Balls are one of the many favorite foods in my life too! I've never tried a sausage snake. When our twins were 3 we had to change the name to sausage treats. Andy tried throwing them because that is what you do with balls. Yea. . . I said balls too!