Monday, March 16, 2009

For better and for worse

As I laid my head down to sleep on Sunday night, I thanked the Lord that I didn't have any aches and pains, nor the feeling that I was going to throw up, and not the slightest rumblings in my bowels. I felt as though I was going to get a good night's sleep after having to fight for my life with the stomach virus (or at least that's what it felt like). But a good night's sleep was not in store for me that night. You see my little Peanut got the stomach virus and was up on and off all night. First, she would run to my bed. I would be jarred from my sweet dreams with..."Mom, I think I'm gonna be sick". I would in turn say "Quick, run to the bathroom". Then the mom routine of damp cloth on the forehead, water to rinse her mouth and tucking her back in. This would happen about every two hours. Finally, about 20 minutes before my alarm went off I was awakened by my Charlie who came in to say... "Mom, I've got a leg cramp. Will you rub it?". Sure climb on in. Here's the $20,000 question. Did my man wake up once during all this commotion? NO! Crazy! How can he sleep through all that running around??
I just don't get it.
But then again, I sleep through the smoke alarm and he gets up for that.

I remember when the kids were babies and I would be dying for sleep. I would hear them cry in the night and tell my man... "Honey, they're crying for you. They're saying 'daddy'." He fell for it in his sleep deprived state and would get up to take care of them.

Anyway, back to the Stomach Flu '09. My man had the stomach flu a couple of days before me. We had it about the same amount of time. He lost 10lbs! I only lost 4! Seriously, even when sick he can loose more weight than me. So not fair! Not that it is a competition or anything. But if it was... not fair!

Have a happy and stomach flu-less day.


Eddie said...

The weight I lost doesn't help me at all. You can't tell!! I gained most of it back anyhow. As for you, the 4 pounds means more and and shows easier. I think your hot just the way you are!!
I will be right back, I think the kids are in distress and I need to save them.... zzzzzzzzzz(snoring) ... (pinch,pinch) Honey wake up. The kids need you.. Oh sorry, I was dreaming about a green headed dog.

Your Man!

Rindy R said...

What a weight loss plan. Can I kiss your hubby?

Robin Sue said...

Hope you all are feeling better soon. I hate the tummy bug but love the weight loss even if it does only last until I can eat again. I guess you won't need to go on that detox diet now?

Donna and Greg said...

Oh, I hate that little knock on the door in the middle of the night. Or hearing that sound in the bathroom - ya know - the I'm sick sound. Bleah! Yeah, the flu is a hard way to lose weight. And, dads can sleep through almost anything.


Donna and Greg said...

Dad's have lots on our minds even when we sleep. You don't think we come up with all of the solutions to your problems right off the top of our heads do you? We need our sleep!