Monday, March 23, 2009

Nothin' says summer like a fish and crisco

This past summer while we were at my parents house on the lake, my brother caught a big fish. This is him with my cute nephew Will. Not that my other nephews aren't cute but this is just one of them. He just had a birthday and you can read about that here.

This fish inspired our dinner... a fish fry. Yummm. I will let you experience this through pictures. And not very good ones at that. But believe me it was much better than I make it look.

First, my dad cleaned and filleted the fish.

Next, it is off to the frying station... this is outside because we don't want the house smelling like the fry station I worked at during high school. Uhgg. I hated smelling like a fry pit. That and the oily skin it produced was the bane of my high school experience.

Next he put the fish in a plastic trash bag with some corn meal, salt and pepper. And shook it to coat the fish. Which is why this picture is blurry. This is my dad trying to humor me while I took endless pictures and got in his way. He really was very patient.

Then when the grease was hot (about 325*), he had to quickly put the fish in. Watch it intensely. Then remove it at just the right time. This picture is really blurry because I was getting in the way while dad was trying to get the fish out quickly.

You have to do the fish in batches. So, the shaking, frying and intense watching went on for awhile. I would run the plates of cooked fish inside to be kept warm in the oven. But this meant I got to 'test' each batch without being caught. I always volunteer for the 'runner' job.

ok... that picture is blurry because I am a lousy photographer. And I am sad to say that I had to think about that word photographer, 'picture taker' is what actually popped in my head first. So sad.. but true. This is why I am not allowed to be the fryer in the fish fry.

My 'runner' job had another perk. When I brought the fish inside, my sis-in-law, Donna (oh, hi donna. how are you)

was making


And I had to 'test' them too. How could I possibly resist? Delightful, they were.

Have a happy day.


Rindy R said...

Fish and Chip - my favorite (Because of the massive amount of Mayo I can consume)! Looks wonderful!

Robin Sue said...

I want to be a "runner" and taster too. So if you "run" that will burn off the calories, right? Can I just walk? Never mind I just want to taste.

Donna and Greg said...

Thanks, now I'm hungry for some fish and hush puppies. That's not good for a portion control life change!

Donna and Greg said...

Hi, I am fine! The fish was great...2 days in a row was too much! I made lots of onion rings and I don't even like them. Now hush puppies are a different matter...yummy!

Eddie said...

Having fish last night for dinner helped with reading this story. Boy how I like your fish! I need to attempt that here at home. Maybe I can try to make some Bubba Gump skrimps.... Skrimp scampy, butter skrimp, cocunut skrimp, yada,yada,yada.....

EAT! said...

Oh is that mine kind of dinner. Nothing is better than fresh fish.