Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Break '09.... medical spa style

We kicked off Spring Break '09 a little early. I took the kids out of school a couple of days early to go on a medical retreat. I figure all the Hollywood types check into rehab spas, so my kids should be livin' large too. Here they are ready to check in.

Don't they look happy? A little excited and a little nervous at the same time. Like most kids about to go away for camp. This is how celebrities look before going onto Celebrity Rehab. I'm just kidding they were about to get their tonsils and adenoids removed and Charlie was also having some procedure done to his sinuses.

They both had a stuffed animal waiting for them on their beds. That was The High Point of the day. Oh, and the warmed blankets. The kids were even happy with the socks. Charlie asked if they got to keep them. That's my kids always lookin' for what's included in the package deal.

First Charlie was wheeled off to surgery and Samantha was able to watch 101 Dalmatians while she waited. Charlie was back out in under an hour. Wow, that was quick...

Here he is in recovery. When he first came out of the anesthesia, he was not himself. He was crazy escape boy. They called me over to help get him calmed down. When I got there his gown was half off, he had torn off his socks and the monitor on his foot and was using the sides of the bed to claw his way out. It was like a wild animal being captured. I loved on him and got him to lay back down. But as soon as I let go he tried to get away again. I really don't think he knew exactly who I was. Maybe somewhere deep inside his brain he knew but not at the moment. It reminded me of Alzheimer's patients. Regardless, we got him half awake and then they medicated him again so he could sleep. The second time he woke up he was much better. The nurses had said this happens sometimes. Weird.

Samantha, on the other hand, came out of her stupor mellow as can be. She half opened her eyes and asked if they were done. I said yes then she closed her eyes again. She half woke up again and asked if the procedure was done. When I told her it was she asked for five more minutes of sleep. She asked for five more minutes about 5 times. The nurse laughed and said she was a true pre-teen. Sammy went through a cup of ice chips, water and two popsicles in record time.

At home we watched Twilight, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and Marley and Me. And alot of Nickelodeon. Charlie actually sat through all of Nick's original movie Spectacular with me. Who am I kidding? He was in a altered state, I have no excuse why I sat thru it. Except maybe I was reliving my After School Special days. Using my ailing son as an excuse... how pathetic. Anyhow, now when I ask Charlie how he feels, he'll say "spectacular" and use is 'jazz hands'. I need to get a picture of that.

Sammy recovered pretty quickly and we took her off the prescribed pain medication after 2 days. Charlie did not bounce back so quickly. Not until day 4 did he move to plain Tylenol. Only then was he able to get a substantial amount food and water down. And by that, I mean a full 8ounces of water and some chicken mashed up. Poor guy. Here they are the day after the procedure. You can see that Sammy is feeling better than Charlie.


I was about to write that they have rounded the proverbial corner and will be getting back to normal soon but.... they both just woke up crying. Maybe I'll slip 'em the Tylenol with codeine to get them through the night. It breaks my heart when they wake up crying.

I'll keep you posted.

Have a happy day.


Donna and Greg said...

What a great spring break. My neice and nephew can party with the celebrities! Actually, I guess Katie did it too! I hope no one else gets jealous, cause as parents we can only have "so much fun" and we have all reached our quota! Medication is a great thing! Katie is still taking hers at night, but just tylenol during the day. Am sooo excited about seeing ya'll in May! Love to everyone!

Rindy R said...

Oh dear - what a retreat?! I was 28 when I had mine out and I wished I had them out when I was their age! They will thank you one day - maybe not today - but one day! Hope they feel better everyday!

Eddie said...

I was hoping they were going to fix there flux capacitor so we could get back to 1985. I have been amazed how long it has taken them to sleep through the night. Sleep Deprivation is such a hard thing on the body especially at 40. Have fun at the lake. I will miss you guys!

Robin Sue said...

Wow what fun! Have fun at the lake the water is great! If you find my glasses I would appreciate it. Hope everyone is better soon!