Thursday, March 19, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

Not alot going on over here at Bri's Tiki Bar these days. Who am I kidding, there never really is. Lacrosse is just starting up for Charlie and we go to the barn every week for Sammy. Their school is starting a track team so, I think I will sign them up for that.

So, since I don't have alot to chat about I am going to ask for help with a problem that has been haunting me for a couple of months. This....

We repainted this room and I don't know what to put on the walls now. At first, I didn't want to put anything up because I enjoyed the new color so much. Now it just bugs me because the room looks ... well, it just looks unfinished. But do I put up art? We did have 3 light house pictures up. But I'm just not feeling that anymore. Do I put up photos of family in some sort of display like this?

Or do I save family photos for the halls and out of the way places?

Then what do I do with this entertainment center? See where the candles are? That looks kind of sparse. I used to have family photos there but now I don't know what to do with it. The boat we just didn't know what else to do with it either.

I like this lighthouse picture because it has scripture with it. But I am not sure about the cut glass candle things on the sides. I was thinking of putting a taper candles with coffee beans around them inside the hurricane part. What do you think? Please be my Candace Olson of Divine Design.

Oh, the wall color is a light gray. And the window treatments and pillows are blue, tan, brown and gray. I like the mix of warm and cool colors.
Thanks for any and all suggestions

Have a happy day.


Donna and Greg said...

Lovely lighthouse on the hearth!
Sorry, can't help. I am such a "hang something up and leave it for 10 years" that re-doing anything is almost more trouble than it is worth. Do want to repaint our living room though, maybe a khaki color, getting tired of green, was here when Greg bought the house.

Girl Fisher said...

I have a couple suggestions: I would raise the curtain rods closer to the mouldings so the windows would look taller and more in scale with the fireplace. I guess that only works if you can buy longer panels in the current fabric or want to change the curtains, but I don't think you want to do that. If not, I would place a valance over the existing curtains to add height. I'm also a big fan or iron/metal pieces like the sell at Hobby Lobby (crosses, swirls, etc) and I think a large one or several smaller pieces in a grouping would look great over your fireplace. I like the family photo gallery idea for over the couch!

Found your blog from Kitchen Klique.

Eddie said...

Sell your house and start over is my motto! I love all the work. Just Kidding. I feel your pain when it comes time to pick something. We could fix the bare wall with 2 words...Fat Head!

Donna and Greg said...

I'm with Eddie. A big Redskin helmet would look COOL! I bet all your friends and family would comment on it every time they saw it!!!!

Robin Sue said...

How about a stuffed fish! Like a marlin or swordfish over the couch?