Monday, June 1, 2009

Plasticville... here I come

I have been doin' Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. However, for me it will be more like the 60 day shred.

But after watching this skit on SNL, I think I'll take it on down to plasticville. Unfortunately, you have to click over to the link. I couldn't get it to pop up here. But it is hilarious.
Hop on over and watch. Justin Timberlake is so funny. What do you think?

Since today is June 1st, I am trying yet again to start an exercise and diet program. Do I get any points for trying over and over again? I keep hearing Dory from Finding Nemo saying just keep swimming, swimming, swimming.

Actually, I don't want points for trying I want pounds off the scale or inches off my back side. But it just doesn't work that way. I don't understand why.

Well, today I vowed to stay away from whites... bread, rice, potatoes, sugar. That is difficult when you go to pack yourself a lunch to eat at your kid's school for field day. Hmmm, this is a whole new way of thinking. I ended up with rolled up ham, dried fruit and some nuts. I was completely flustered. I did alright at dinner, I ate a baked sweet potato instead of a regular potato. It wasn't until I was sticking the second roasted marshmallow into my mouth that I realized that underneath that caramelized outer shell it was white and sugary. Oh the shame I felt within as I swallowed. (But it was so good) I chastised myself, then said 'over all you did pretty good today'. Then I remembered the kettle corn I had as a snack this afternoon. Bad dieter. Bad, bad dieter. As I said it is a whole new way of thinking and eating. Who knew I ate so much refined stuff without thinking?

I did walk/jog today. It felt awful. I really want to go to 'Plasticville' but we can't afford it. Bummer.

Have a happy day.


Eddie said...

I am with ya sweet heart! Dieting stinks and so does its food. Of course it doesn't help when I am killing us with snacks and bad stuff to eat. I will do what I can to help as a team. I am proud of you for working out this morning! That just forces me to run during lunch. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the comment about not realizing the marshmallow was white!

Mmmm... kettle corn - I once found a recipe for it - you added 1 WHOLE CUP of sugar to the corn kernals and oil - and I wondered how I had a weight problem! :D