Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun with chalkboard paint.

Here are some projects I worked on over the weekend. I have seen people using chalkboard paint all over blogland and I wanted to join in the fun. I am so easily swayed by peer pressure and these peers have no idea I exist. Oh, the memories of high school are coming to haunt me. I digress...on to crafts.

Here is an old syrup bottle. This is one of the best gifts I have ever received. You see, this came from love. A little girl in my preschool class wanted to get me a gift. She went through their recycle bin and found this. Then she wrapped it herself in newspaper. She was so proud to give it to me and my heart melted. I slapped on some chalkboard paint and now I love it even more.

Here is a plastic cup that came from the 'drink of the day' on the cruise ship. I brought the cups home for my kids. The novelty has worn off for them but I thought the bright colors would be great for our tiki themed porch. This was my first attempt at covering up the cruise line name. On the next one I will try taping off the area first. And I learned to go with several light coats. The paint ran on this one because I was heavy handed with the paint.

Finally, this is my pride and joy. I saw this somewhere in blogland and had to give it a try. I found the tray at a yard sale for $2. So, if I messed it up, I wasn't out much. But I loved how it turned out after I put the paint on it. Next I think I might put a Bible verse on it.

That's it for today.
Have a happy day.


Rindy R said...

Very fun! You go crafty girl!!

Robin Sue said...

And this is the girl who refused to do crafts in MOPS because she said she was not crafty. Pah! Cute ideas Sabrina!

Eddie said...

I love doing this kind of stuff with you. It allows us to spend time together. You know... like Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze doing pottery in Ghost. Except I am real baby but just not as good looking. Anyhow, I am proud of your works and will help all I can. You rock Mrs. Creative Girl.

EAT! said...

I have always wantd to use chalkboard paint somewhere in my house. Thanks for the easy ideas to jumpstart my creative thinking.

Anonymous said...

super fun! I LOVE chalkboard paint too...