Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summertime... when is it time to sit back and unwind?

You know there just hasn't been much to post about lately.

Last week was our first week off from school. The kids had VBS. I helped out with a beginner horse riding camp at the barn where Sammy rides. We were all exhausted by the end of the week. I was so tired I didn't take any pictures.

Charlie had been such a good sport about having to spend the afternoon at the farm instead of playing with friends, I said we could go see Transformers. Of course he wanted to go Friday night.

We did the last feeding at the farm and didn't get home until almost 7. Then we showered and changed. We were all starving so we went to California Tortilla and then the movie. The night cost us just under $60. Which isn't too bad for a family date night. The movie has some suggestive parts (disappointing) but it was still exciting to watch. We arrived home around midnight and we all fell into our beds.

We help with horse camp again this week. But we don't have to stay until 6pm. Good thing because I am waaayyy behind on laundry and cleaning.

Have a happy day.

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Eddie said...

My favorite this about the weekend was spending time with you on the porch. What a wonderful time we had talking. Thanks for being my best friend!