Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Front Porch Haven

Today I am linking up to Kimba's garden party.
This is our front porch. My husband and I hang out here some evenings we look out onto our front yard and can chat with neighbors as they walk by.

I love sitting out here in the morning with my coffee when I let the dog out.

This wicker furniture is old as the hills. All the white pieces came from my grandmother's house. It is in great shape and we love it. The chaise came off of freecycle. (freecycle is an online community where people post stuff they want to get rid of but not trash. It is all free and is a way to keep things out of the landfills)

Here is the other side of the porch by the front door. The kids will sit here and and kick their shoes off. I caught my son napping here this past weekend.

Finally, this is our front door. It is a bit plain. I'm wondering if I should paint the kick plate black to match the porch lights. And what I should hang on the door or just leave it? Do you have any ideas?

Go on over to Kimba's site and check out some of the other gardens. There are some great ideas to be seen.

Have a happy day.


Girl Fisher said...

Great front porch! I think painting the kick plate to match the lights is a wonderful idea. I also think some vinyl lettering (Uppercase Living) etc. would look cute in white on the horizontal part of your door between the panels. Something like "Welcome" or just a fun design!

Robin Sue said...

So cozy and inviting. Love it!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Hi. my first time here. Your front porch is lovely and I love your header!!

Kelli said...

Very welcoming. I would love to sit with you and drink coffee. (my favorite thing to do!!) I say go ahead and paing the kick plate black.

Donna and Greg said...

Hi! You re-arranged since I was there! Looks great! We are painting our tiki bar furniture, so I've been busy with the spray paint!

Eddie said...

I think you have done a great job at organizing everything on there. I think it looks great! As you recall I was caught sleeping on the lounge chair. I should record and play the Andy Griffith show music when we sit out there. There is one thing missing that would really liven the porch up though. You!! Have a great day!!

Sugar Mommy said...

Love it all! Looks so inviting!

Good idea for the kick plate and I like Girl Fisher's idea of the vinyl lettering. Maybe you can combine those ideas and do white lettering or your house numbers on the black kick plate.

That way the "center" of your door is free for wreaths or a fun/funky door knocker.

Thanks for stopping by last week (I'm behind on my follow-up!) Glad to have you. Come back anytime!