Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The thrill of the hunt

I went hunting this past weekend. Not hunting like Ted Nugget, but bargin hunting. I went yard salin'. I know uncle Ted would scoff at me but there is a thrill in this hunt as well. Here are a few things I found.

I just loved this little red tin as soon as I saw it. It was only $3. It goes well in my kitchen.

Here is how I used it. I should not have these nuts out because I eat to many of them. Naughty.

This candle was brand new and smelled so good I had to have it for $2.

However, it fell out of the van and broke when I got home. (go figure) But that is ok because I will finish breaking off the glass and put candle pieces in jars. I use a cup warmer underneath jar candles. It heats the up and they smell nice but I don't have any open flames.

This little ditty just spoke to me. Had no idea what I would do with it but I had to have it. It was only a $1 anyway so I couldn't go wrong.
I put a little nest and eggs in it. It's in the kitchen now but eventually I'll have a desk for the canisters behind it and the stand.

The last thing I found was a basil plant. I picked it up for $1 as well. I have already taken a few leaves off of it to use in lasagna.

Oh, and Charlie found 3 pairs of under armour shorts for $3 a pair. A steal! He was so excited. His grandma and grandpa would be proud. Because they are the ones that used to take him to yard sales.

We found some great stuff and had fun all for under $20. Not bad.

Do you like yard sales?

Have a happy day.

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