Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Arts & Crafts

During our week of recuperating I thought crafting would be fun. I love monograms, so I thought we would try stencils. Here is some of our work. Not bad considering we started these at 3 in the morning. The medications got our sleep all jacked up.

Each kid had their choice of paper. I just spray painted some old frames to match. In the case of Sammy's I also spray painted an old mat to match.

I also arranged some flowers for my man to take to some friends when we were invited to dessert however, I couldn't go because the kids were not up to it. Here they are.

He forgot to take them. Oh well, I tried. So it became our Easter bouquet. Yippee for us.
Hope y'all had a great Easter.

Have a happy day


Eddie said...

You amaze me on how adventurous you are on the crafts. You are not afraid to tackle any craft. Most people would attempt to do this kind of stuff but it would then look like your MOD class had put something together. Bowlin` Shoes!!! For someone who says they don't do that good of a job, I think you are doing a great job!

Donna and Greg said...

Good job sis! Having time on your hands, being stuck at home and getting bored are all great motivators for creativity. Also, its a good escape from the "real world"

Robin Sue said...

I like monograms too and still treasure the table cloth and matching mongramed napkins you made me! I agree with Eddie- you're good at crafts!