Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Road Trip! ... well almost.

I thought the kids had improved enough to go see Grandmother and Grand-daddy. I even asked them if they wanted to go. I got the thumbs up. I spent all morning packing for me and the kids. Got the car packed. Snacks and drinks loaded up. Everybody have their pillow and blanket? Yep. Off we go. Yippee... spring break road trippin'.

We got 20 minutes down the road...

Sammy felt ill and when I rolled down the windows, she said the outside smelled. Why yes sweet child, that would be the smell of fresh air. Then she started crying. "I want to go home", she said. All while watching 'Happy Feet'. Her feet were not so happy.

Charlie said, "I don't think this is such a good idea". You're right buddy. We turned around and came back home. So, we didn't take so much of a road trip, more like a field trip.

Home is good. We are more happy being miserable at home.

Have a happy day.


Robin Sue said...

Oh how sad, your folks were so excited. I hope Sammy feels better soon it takes a while for them to feel better after surgery and we all do want to be home when we don't feel well. Hang in there!

Eddie said...

I am glad to see you back home. Good days or bad days, I am glad to see you home. Next time we will tell them they are going to Disney and then drive them to Grandmothers house! Wont hear to much complainin' until you get there. :)