Monday, April 20, 2009

Dog Tired

We had a busy weekend. Had the 5th grade science fair on Friday. (I am so over book reports and projects. Do you have to do book reports and science fair projects if you homeschool?) Sammy's project was 'can you get gas from garbage'. So we had beans in sandwich bags in varying stages of decay all around the house. Although beans produce gas in the human body they did not produce gas in the sandwich bags.

The dog was very helpful in assembling this project. As you can see she was the one cutting paper with the paper cutter. I homeschooled my dog. But not the kids. I'm too lazy to homeschool. Oh, and unorganized. But I wish I could so I wouldn't have to wake up and make lunches. That's how lazy I am.

Charlie had 2 lacrosse games this weekend. He scored 5 goals in one game. Way to go dude! He is the one in blue jumping up the catch the ball. His coach started calling him 'Take charge Charlie'. Kind of like Charles in Charge... remember that show with Chachi or Scott Baio?

Sammy and I painted the front door. We got our second notice from the HOA, so we had to get off our butts and do something.
Another fine example of my laziness. It really wasn't that bad in my opinion, just some scratches from wreaths and the dog. But it looks better now.

Oh and I made pinto beans and corn bread from Pioneer Woman's site and they were awesome. I had made the steak sandwich earlier in the week and that was a huge hit for everyone too. I would have taken pictures but you can go to her site and get the recipes and there is no competing with her pictures.

Well now that I typed it out it doesn't seem like much but I did do laundry and clean the house too. I'm tired and will try to come up with more interesting stuff.

Have a happy day.


Robin Sue said...

The HOA wrote you about the door? They must get really close to see scracthes on a door. Creeeepy! So why do beans give us gas and not bags. We are the better gas bag?! Looks like you have been busy too. I think if you homeschool you dont' have to pack lunches but still make them:-)

Donna and Greg said...

If you homeschool...the kids can learn how to make their own lunch and yours too. Or nuke leftovers in the microwave. Works for us. And they only have to do science fair projects if you assign them. Love the bit about the beans...who knew they don't cause gas in baggies...too cool.

Eddie said...

Oh my... Those beans were truly the musical fruit. Just ask the dog. She must have been blamed for 25 gassings. I wonder why the sheets were fluttering in the night. Anyhow, I hope we got an 'A' on the project. We all worked really hard on that. The house looks great!

Donna and Greg said...

It's all in the enzymes. They break down the waste and a byproduct is gas production. You have to have the right waste and the right enzymes and you will get methane. If you don't believe me, just pull my finger!

You knew that we coming didn't you!

Anonymous said...