Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Halloween is almost here.

Skye, our dog, has already gotten her halloween costume prepared.
Behold... FrankenDog:

She got into a little scrap with the new dogs at the farm. Remember them? McE took her out there and the sniffing turned ugly. And a little Micheal Vick action went down. But the Skye dog took it. She was the only one injured but she never yelped or cried. I don't think she knew she was hurt. Actually, neither did McE. He saw the wound when he got home. Skye was treated to stitches and 22 staples. She also had to wear the 'cone of shame' for a day. I think that was the worst part for her. She really was embarrassed.

Skye is recovering well and being a great patient.

Katie my oldest niece, had a franken foot this summer. I pray we don't have any more Frankens in our family.

Have a happy day.


Robin Sue said...

Poor thing! But she does have the best costume to make all the other dogs jealous. Where is Cesar Milan when you need him? Bad farm doggies!

Sabrina said...

THanks for visiting my blog! I like that your name is Sabrina. :)
I used to have a dog named Skye too!

Eddie said...

She is a resilient dog. I felt so bad when we got home and saw the injury. I said "Well it looks like a trip to the vet's" and $540.00 later she was fixed. I now know to not take the dog to the farm and let my "Dog Whisperer" wife take the dog. Stuff like that doesn't happen to her. I think I will stick to my fish tank. Glub...Glub...Glub

Rindy R said...

Oh my word! That poor dog. I'm sure he won't be a hip to going to the farm anymore!

Anonymous said...

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Little Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope your sweet pup in okay and on the mend :)