Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Under pressure

This week has/is a long one. I had to go back to work. I just work at a pre-school. I work with two year olds. I have been doing this for 3 years now. I am a little jaded at this point. I teach with my friend Jules. I seriously couldn't make it without her. Let me give you a glimpse into the elusive pre-school world. We have a kid in our class that his parents describe him as 'exceptional'. Well, exceptional he is...
Today we were working on a color sheet and this is the dialogue I had.
'Exceptional' says... "I need more sex."
Me... "huh"
'Exceptional'... " I need more sex"
Jules... "yeh, we all do". She never misses a beat.
me... "What is it?"... "did I hear him right?"
'Exceptional'... "I need more sex"
me... "one more time sweetie..you want more crayons?
'Exceptional'... "No, I need more sex"
This went on for a little more. I just couldn't believe what I was hearing. Ok... I am sure I just couldn't decipher what he was trying to get across. But it was amusing nonetheless.

Later on... I was reading a book about a puppy. The puppy was trying to get out of the gate in the fence. I asked the class...
me... "what would happen if the puppy ran out the fence?"
'Exceptional'..."that would suck"
me... yes, yes it would. Or, he might get lost.

This is our future.

On to the home front....

And this is my mess at home. My man received paint from my folks for Christmas. Lucky guy.

So, we were going to begin painting the family room. Step One... take everything off the walls, patch holes, and move the furniture away from the walls. And Step One is as far as we have gotten. Some how this disaray effects me emotionally. I am in disaray.

Finally... I am in charge of the food for a women's brunch at church on Friday. I thought I was just volunteering to to help with food. In my mind this meant bring a dish. But since no one else offered help, I am now in charge of food. so, I am getting a bit stressed. But is isn't stopping at Friday morning. My man told me yesterday that we have to make chili for a missions dinner Friday night. Then, for the Saturday night Missions dinner, I am in charge of appetizers. All that keeps going through my head is the Queen song, Under Pressure. I understand for most this isn't a big deal. But I am easily overwhelmed.

These are my character flaws... easily amused by helpless two year olds and easily overwhelmed by how much and what stuff to buy for a crowd.

I know this post is all over the place... I am watching House Hunters International as I write. I would love to be shoping for a flat in Paris right about now.

***This was written Tuesday but I had trouble uploading the picture.

Have a happy day.


Donna and Greg said...

It would suck if your puppy ran out of your fence.

And we do need more sex.

We do not need more paint.

Just make a huge batch of chili and keep heating it up all weekend. If it gets dull by the third meal, just throw in some fresh cornbread.

If you don't want me to fix your problems for you, don't blog about it!

Sabrina said...

Thanks Greg... That's my big bro comin' in to save the day. I feel the love.

Eddie said...

Did someone say more sex?? A puppy is the next on the list to get. I am proud of all you are doing for this. This will help our missions be known. You are the best wife ever!

Rindy R said...

Maybe the puppy was going elsewhere to look for more sex - did anyone think of that?
What I want to know is what have you two been doing in that family room. Those are pretty big holes your patching! Getting rough in the family room these days?
You go girl - under that fence!

Anonymous said...

Ha - too funny!

I worked in a daycare many moons ago, and my room was also a 2 year old room. Except for a 4 year old boy because he was still in diapers!

His mom would carry him in on her hip, and me a bottle (yes, you read that right - a bottle!) and his blanket.

Once she left I immediately put those thinks away - so while the 2 year olds are playing with a train going "choo choo" the four year old says "my father takes a locomotive to work every day!"

It was so sad - he was in my class for 6 months before I switched jobs and never once sat on the potty!