Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Greggie

Today is my brother's birthday. What are you Greg? 50? Naw, I'm just kiddin' he's 46. Old man. Let me tell you about my bro. He is why I wanted to take piano lessons. He has a natural talent in music. (I do not, but this is about him) He took lessons and eventually the instructor told my folks that she couldn't teach him anymore. Wow.

When I wanted to run away from home, he stopped me and told me I needed figure out where I was going to stay before I ran away.

When I started high school he warned me where to stay away from and not to buy a subscription to the school newspaper. They didn't have one but the seniors would prank incoming freshmen.

When I was upset about being short. He comforted me by telling me I would not have a hard time getting a date.

He picked me up from taking SATs and took me to McDonalds.

My brother married me. Not became my husband but performed the ceremony. He is ordained but had only done funerals up to that point. And he said cleavage during the ceremony which made me get the giggles.

He is a great dad and husband to his family. Even in the midst of tragedy, he stayed strong. I admire him a great deal.

Happy Birthday Greg. Hope today is a great day.
Love you.

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Donna and Greg said...

Don't ya just love encouraging, uplifting and positive role models? He is so funny! He is definately a practical, fix it kind of guy!