Tuesday, January 27, 2009

He had a note sent home

This sweet child had a note from his teacher sent home last week. Evidently, this angel has been talking in class instead of listening to his teacher. Naughty. She said she even went so far as to move his desk to the hall to get work done. All to no avail. I can't believe this innocent babe would do such a thing. Unless, such naughtiness comes from his father. Of course that is it! All the not so great things come from their father. This baby's father, my man, is the one that taught his fellow kindergartners cuss words. Naughty behavior must come from him.

As my man and I discussed our course of action with the babe. All these things came up...
What is going on with the child?
Is he having issues with a classmate?
Is he being bullied?
Is he the bully?
What kind of consequences are in order?

Well, I went on to tell my man that when I was in 2nd grade my teacher, Ms McPeak, would make us do the 'captain's chair' against the wall. The 'captain's chair' was where you would be in sitting position with your back against the wall but no chair underneath you. That is probably where my big thighs came from. Thanks Ms McPeak. I often had to do the 'captain's chair' because I would talk with this boy that sat in the row next to mine. And I talked with Tony, the girl who sat behind me. Actually, Tony would call me honky and I would turn around and shhhh her. This would go on and on. Then Ms McPeak would make both of us do the cpt. chair.

In 3rd grade I had my desk right in front of my teacher's desk. And I often had to write out my multiplication tables due to talking. At that point in the conversation, it hit me. I am the culprit. He got it from me! The naughty chattiness came from me.

Oh sweet child of mine, I am so sorry that you inherited my chattiness. But you are still grounded and have extra chores.

And my amazingly forgiving man... I apologize for blaming you for everything. You are a good man.

Have a happy day.


Robin Sue said...

I remember when that sweet babe was that little. He was adorable! Why don't you tell everyone how old that sweet babe was when he got in his first car accident! Heh heh!

Eddie said...

I would put out a burning building for you!! (Gush Gush) Remember I have contributed to the gene pool too. Anyhow, we can "break" that bad habit eventually. We just need to use a larger rod. I do love that boy. He rocks!

Rindy R said...

Oh that story brings back memories! When I was in the sixth grade I got put in the corner for talking. You know me: When life hands you lemons - make lemonade! I decorated that corner with all this Hello Kitty stuff and in 2 days ALL the kids wanted to be in a corner - but I was the lucky one! Just tell that cutie of yours to "Decorate" his corner of the world!
Big hugs!