Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow Days

The past couple of days here have been snowy and then icy. The kids have played outside most of the time the past two days. Bobo played football and the girl built a fort with her friends. We didn't get but a few inches of snow so they were not able to build their fort very high. As you can see.

The dog and I went walking in a winter wonderland.

I should have gotten much more done than I did around the house. But I spent too much time with this friend.

and wishing I was doing this.


Robin Sue said...

Ooh what color is your family room now? It sure is pretty! I like the last picture- good book!

Donna and Greg said...

We are supposed to have snow on Monday...2 times in one winter would be a miracle here in Miss. the snow in Dec. was fun! Have a good time! Give my niece and nephew hugs for us!