Friday, January 2, 2009

Some more scenes of Christmas

Happy New Years everyone.
I missed my one New Year's special thing... I missed the Rose Parade. Can you believe it? One of my favorite things and I missed it. We were taking down all the Christmas stuff. And I didn't even realize I missed it until today. My man said my goal of being productive got in the way of one of the highlights of my year. Gee thanks I feel better about it already.

Here are some more scenes of Christmas. These are with my man's family. They are big givers. I don't even bother trying to keep up with pictures.

****Caution PG-13 stuff****
Below is my father in law. He is wearing his new Christmas shirt, which makes me laugh every time I see it. He is full of Christmas spirit.

This is my niece Miss K. She is two.

She got a new camera for Christmas. A blogger in the making.

Here is another neice, Baby C. I could eat her up with a spoon she is so cute.

Ok, just a couple more..... my boy asked for a pocket knife for Christmas. Tell me what you think...
Does anyone else see a problem with an 8yr old walking around with a dagger? Or is it just me? This put a whole new meaning to the line from A Christmas Story..."You'll put your eye out".

Finally, speaking of A Christmas Story... my man got this...
Have a happy day!


Rindy R said...

Love the new header - but love the father-in-law's shirt better - tee hee!

DonnaJ said...

Love the leg lamp! Mr. C and a dagger is a scary thought! James gave Allen a battle axe for Christmas so we have some interesting pictures also. These 2 sons are truly strange and unusual, so it looks like C is trying to keep up with his looney cousins.


I missed the Rose Parade too!

DonnaJ said...


Merry Happy Christsmahannankwansaka!

Your Bro

Andy said...

Man, I never got a rambo knife when I was a kid. Kinda jealous... Hope you guys had a great New Years! Note of caution, never light a mortar firework without a mortar. Tends to startle those around. :-D

Eddie said...

I have remembered that i also have received a dagger too from my dad. Bobo and I can now hunt deer with our knives!! Who needs guns!