Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Father/Daugher Dance

Our church had the annual Father/Daughter Valentine Dance this past Sunday night. This lovely couple represented our family. I made Rindy's brownies with peanut butter frosting for them to take. And they were a huge hit from what I understand. Sammy said they were gone as soon as she put the plate down. I will be making those again.

Have a happy day


Rindy R said...

How sweet is that picture. I love it that you do that every year. Sam is such a precious little lady!

Robin Sue said...

They look smashing dahling! I bet they had a great time. Hope you all are feeling better now. We have to get together and have a girly night out soon.

Rindy R said...

Sabrina I made Rindy's brownies too but I bet they were feasting their eyes on Dad and Daughter who made a precious couple for the evening. Bobi

Anonymous said...

I remember those days! My daughter went with my husband to several over the years.

I married my husband when my daughter was 8 so it was a nice way of getting to know each other at these dances. And now she's almost 17!