Monday, February 2, 2009

Highs and Lows

Last week we had two snow days and one day with a delay. Yippee! I love snow days. We had just enough snow for the kids to play in it. I got paid for both snow days. I love getting paid and not having to work. I wish I could do that all the time.

On the down side, my man's employer decided to cut everyone's pay and no longer contribute to 401K. Bummer. To compensate for this reduction in income, the luxury of horse back riding will be put on hold for me.

High... y'know we are thankful that the man has a job. And if all I have to do is give up a luxury... hey, so be it. Life is good. This makes us more thankful and aware of all our blessings.

Low... I really wanted the Cardinals to win the Super Bowl. But the Steelers are an amazing team. Roethlisberger could thread a needle with a football. What a great game.

High... The Boss did an awesome job with the half time show. However, I was disappointed he didn't sing Born in the USA. Jennifer Hudson, gave me chills with the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.

Getting to see The Office after the Super Bowl was a great bonus. " I guess the pigeons flew west for the winter". Oh Michael Scott you make me laugh and cringe at the same time.

Count your blessings and have a happy day.


Donna and Greg said...

Some bosses have all the nerve! Doesn't he know what a great employee he has? And getting paid and not having to work is great! Of course, you did work in a different way, keeping track of your little blessings and keeping everyone warm and fed!


Rindy R said...

There's my Sabrina - when life hands you lemons you make a lovely lemon drop martini!

Eddie said...

Highs.. I have my family and my health but you truly make my day everyday regardless of the situation. You make my days a high all the time.

Lows.. I understand the sacrifice you have made with slowing the riding. I wish we could let you do it everyday.

Sideways... I just thought I would add that in for giggles!