Monday, September 15, 2008

Sharing my blog addiction

Well, I've decided to stick with Bri's Tiki Bar mostly because I can't come up with anything better. This is a quick post but I will get better. My friends Robin and Rindy got me hooked on blogs. And I have turned back. I want to share this post with you from another blogger. She has a beautiful, God honoring story. She is real. This post just spoke to me. It was like a devotional. Read this one and when you have time read her entire story of Audrey Caroline. All I can say is beautiful. Have a great day.


DonnaJ said...

This is a slow moving am I supposed to keep up with you if you only post 2 times in a month?

Your loving and supportive sister in law!

DonnaJ said...

Ha Ha Ha! I guess if you only post 2 times a month I can keep up with the reading....I meant I could not keep up with your lives!

Love, ME