Monday, August 18, 2008

Things that keep me up at night

Well, we are finally back home. Oh, how sweet it is. Even though we had a wonderful time with all our family, there is nothing like your own bed. However, I did have some trouble getting to sleep a few nights. I was contemplating this blog. Is the name ok??? I was concerned about my Southern Baptists roots. Is it offensive to have 'bar' in the title? Will this be a poor reflection on my family? Can I still talk about what God may be working on in my life with the word bar in the title? You see, I think only So. Baptists can rival the Catholics with guilt. So, I thought should I make it Bri's Tiki Hut? Yeh, hut. A hut is not somewhere I want to hang out. It sounds like an out-house. It just doesn't have the same feel. I don't think cool breezes and listening to the surf in a hut. When I think of a tiki bar. I think of the times I have been at the beach completely relaxed, sitting around joking around and talking with my friends. That's the feel I'm going far relaxing good times shared with friends and family. I think those last three sentences were pretty much stated in the first post. Sorry. So, after laying awake for literally hours... I am going to stick with Bri's Tiki Bar. What do you think?


DonnaJ said...

I am going with Tiki Bar since I thought of it! We are finally back home...that is a long drive!

Thanks for visiting!

Love to everyone!

Rindy R said...

Yeah - I want whatever you are serving at this Tiki Bar! I am so glad you opened your doors for business. I hear the acts in this place are awesome!

Robin Sue said...

Love it!! Great name for a great gal!!