Monday, September 22, 2008

Guess what I got a couple of weeks ago?

I was out picking up poop in the yard. Poop deposited in the yard from this pretty girl.

Her name is Sky. I love my dog but I don't like her smelly poop. Anyhow, I was picking up poop with a grocery bag on my hand when I saw some weeds in my flower bed. So I decided to pick those too. Nothing like being productive. Well, this one weed looked to me like poison ivy but I thought, "no problem, I have a bag over my hand". Within a week my arm looked like this

and this.
Delightful, huh. It has itched like crazy. If I don't wear long sleeve shirts when I am around people, they say "Eww, what's that?". I think of saying, "It's a flesh eating disease" and then rub them with my arm. But I tell them the story and feel like a dork. Finally, this week it is starting to go away. So much for being productive and thinking plastic bags are protection. Along with the warning that the bag is not a toy it should say will protect against poop but not poison ivy. This, along with the snake I've seen, is why I limit my yard work.
Have a happy day!

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