Thursday, August 14, 2008

Opening Statement

Well, I'm on vacation in Mississippi visiting my brother and his family. And it is the only time I have had my man without something to do in a long while. So, I had him help set this up. Actually, I got stuck on the first question of how to sign my name. He took over from there. Yep, I'm that challenged.

Why did I start this blog??? Well, because I have a couple of friends with blogs and I can't be left out. Rindy is at Kitchen Klique and Robin is at The Big Red Kitchen. Their blogs are so cool. Awesome recipes. Don't expect that of me. I don't cook so well. Sometimes I might post a recipe but I don't invent them. I swipper (like the fox on Dora) them.

How did I get the name???? Well, yet again not on my own accord. I was just going to do Bri's Blog. Bri is a nickname I had growing up, short for SaBRIna. Genius, I know. But my amazing sis-in-law came up with Bri's Tiki Bar. Thanks Donna! And I thought why not. A tiki bar is a relaxing place where you can just sit and talk with your friends. You can have a yummy margarita, a cold coke, or whatever you like. The conversation flows easy and you just have a good time. That's what this is all about.

What's this blog about??? Absolutely nothing. Kind of like a Seinfeld episode but not near as funny.

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