Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Week 2 Days 1&2 P90X

After taking both Saturday and Sunday off (I was only supposed to take one day off) I got back on the P90X wagon. But I did do a couple of hours of walking each day. I had the job of walking my friends dogs around her farm over the weekend. I took my dog too. She loves running around on the farm.

Day 1 was chest & back which is ALOT of pull ups and push ups. I hate that workout with a capital H. But I powered through and was not as sore as I was last week. Cool. The pitfall was that I could not stop myself from eating this day. I mean I gorged myself. I was so uncomfortable. I don't get myself sometimes. Very frustrating.

Day 2 is Plyometrics. I whole lotta jumping around and squats. I have come to the conclusion that I don't like jumping. It takes too much to heave my largeness into the air. But I will get better... eventually

Overall, I am feeling better. I'm still tried. But I have lost 2lbs. Yippee! But that was yesterday before I ate like it was my last day on this earth.

This has nothing to do with P90X. Today when I was eating my lunch at the preschool, one of the kids asked me why I was drinking beer. It took me a second to understand him because he was chomping on his sandwich at the time. But I told him I wasn't drinking beer. It was a soda. Diet Mt Dew to be exact. But he said the can is silver and that is the beer his daddy drinks. Again I told him I was not drinking beer but he wasn't buying it. So, I felt obligated to tell his mom about the incident. Actually, I was going to blow it off but the other teacher said I needed to say something to the mom in case the boy goes home and tells her I was drinking beer. Although I think it would be understandable drinking on the job having to deal with preschoolers. I may be the exception in that case. Anyway I told the mom about it and showed her my can to verify I indeed was not drinking on the job. She got a good laugh.

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Greg and Donna said...

Come on, you know you are addicted to Mt. Dew.