Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 4 P90X

Today was yoga. And it is just sinking in that the X in P90X us for extreme. I know...I'm slow. But in my defense I am getting up at 5am to do this. Anyway... I was looking forward to the yoga part. I really like the stretching. But I was sweating like a pig in the first 20 minutes and I couldn't do the poses quite right and some I just couldn't even do. Most of the static poses like standing on one foot with the other straight behind you and then moving you upper body around. That just wasn't happening for me. The most humbling part was when I was supposed to lie on my back then bring my body perpendicular to the floor resting on my shoulders, neck and head. Then you take your toes down to the floor behind your head. There was a time when I could do this, no problem. But today I couldn't even hoist my body up in the air. I tried but just couldn't do it. Oh, the shame.

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