Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Favorite Pic

This is my favorite picture of my kids. We were at the beach and they were watching the waves together from the balcony. It reminds me of a sweet time. The sad thing is it was the weekend before September 11, 2001. (the date on the photo has the day before the month... I never could figure that out on the camera) I am sure that is why the memories are that much sweeter.

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Have a happy day.

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Robin Sue said...

I remember those cute little kids being that little!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

One of my favorite pictures that I have seen today....

Eddie said...

I didn't realize that was 2 days before Sept 11. I see that picture and remember 2 things, how sweet they were to each other and how Charlie could fit through those bars! Man that was a scare of a life time. Anyhow, I do know we need to go to the beach and spend time like that again.

Emily said...

How sweet! I love how pictures can take you right back to a special moment.