Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sabrina and the web.... King Ranch Chicken

I have decided to start a new segment in my blog, Sabrina and the Web. It will highlight recipes I try. I can not come up with a recipe. I am so not creative like that. Switch ingredients because I am out of something, often times not for the better, is the extent of my creativity in cooking. So, I'll show here what I have tried....
I recently have tried a recipe for King Ranch Chicken or Mexican chicken from Kelly's Korner. It was pretty good. But even though I used mild Rotel my kids thought it was too spicy. So, next I will just use diced tomatoes and taco seasoning. And I will make this again because it is soooo easy. Let me repeat sooo easy. So, go here for the recipe. Kelly's blog is cute and you always get to see pictures of her precious daughter Harper. To get to the recipes, she has a button on the left side of her blog.

Here is what mine looked like. I served corn with it. Again this is easy, even for me.

Have a happy day.


Donna and Greg said...

Looks good to me. I think you need to be brave and try different things even if they chemically burn you hands and put you in pain for 48 hours and you lose sleep because of the pepper sauce. Find something you like eating out and give it a go. So what if it crashes, Sky will eat it. (maybe). Give Mexican a try. Make a burrito like they do at Moe's or Chipotole's with all that healthy stuff and no hot sauce except on Eddie's!

Eddie said...

I really love the quick and easy stuff. It allows us to spend more time together! The Rotel can be left out since we can add our own spices/hot sauce. 99% of the time these recipes are awesome. Most all have good presentation too. Oh yea, I think the cook is hot too!